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Devilishly Looking McLaren P1 by MSO Is Best Ever

McLaren Special Operation or the MSO is the McLaren bespoke division dedicated towards improving anything McLaren builds. Considering that even the least expensive McLaren (this 540C) is a staggering machine, it’s obvious that MSO has a tough job in store. Proving its own expertise, MSO revealed the magnificent 650S Project Kilo and that car still is one of the most amazing McLaren creations. That one was developed for one really wealthy buyer and this one you see here is no exception.

Revealed a few weeks ago, the McLaren P1 by MSO is definitely one of the most dangerously looking McLarens ever revealed. With exceptionally done two tone exterior paint job, the special P1 received the looks no other hypercar of today can have. If a devil has a car, this is it, no question there.

Specially prepared by the best designers at McLaren, the P1, one of the most advanced vehicles ever produced, received a bespoke black paint job as a base paint. On top, red accents were added just in the right places thus accentuating the unforgiving and aggressive stance this McLaren undoubtedly has.

Red detailing has been applied all over the car including the wheels. Although black wheels are hot these days, red detailing and red thin outbound line definitely give some character to the car overall. Interestingly, the same detailing has been applied to the interior where the red painted elements dominate and make the P1 look much different and more alive than before.

We couldn’t help but wonder is the exterior livery actually sourced from some another McLaren car. We searched a bit and found that has rather similar red detailing on the outside. That is a Formula 1 car driven by Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso. Even though we can make some connections between McLaren racers and this particular P1, the MSO made it in order to fulfill all the whims of the man ordering it.

It seems that the only changes here include the paintjob. The same thing has been done withwhich received special exterior color. This one, unlike the S3 Sedan, has three times the power, only two wheels to transfer that power to the ground and a bit more weight to haul around. Despite all the excessive weight, the P1 is capable of some serious performance including acceleration to 60 mph in less than 3 seconds as well as top speed of more than 200 mph.


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