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Does Mazda Have a Plan for Increasing MPGs of Mazda2?

The Mazda2 is a neat-looking small car, but its hamstrung by some of the lowest EPA fuel efficiency numbers in the subcomopact field. Does Mazda have an ace up its sleeve to move the Mazda3’s little brother to the front of the class? (Michael Karesh photo courtesy

Our own with the Mazda2’s fuel efficiency ratings, so we asked Mazda if it had any plans to improve them.

The short answer came from Mazda North America Public Affairs Manager Tamara Mlynarczyk:

“We cannot comment on future product plans,” she said in an e-mail sent to Fqliulanqi today.

The longer answer is more interesting, however:

“All new models, when it is time for a complete update, will feature the new SKYACTIV technology. Currently on sale, we have the MAZDA3 and CX-5 with the SKYACTIV.”

That technology helps the CX-5 compact SUV achieve without giving up on Mazda’s “Zoom Zoom” philosophy that all the brand’s models should be fun to drive and allows the Mazda3 to reach a claimed 40 mpg, assuming Mazda hasn’t fudged on its EPA testing the way Kia and Hyundai did ().

SKYACTIV (Mazda insists on typesetting it in ALL CAPS) should help the subcompact Mazda2 get the fuel economy it should have been getting all along. As a lightweight cousin of the Ford Fiesta– a car that, even with an engine 100 cubic centimeters larger — the smallest Mazda is left competing in a market of subcompacts crowded with choices that all get better fuel economy at similar prices. On top of that, the Mazda’s standard features would have been par for the course a decade ago, if you don’t count the USB port on the stereo that has been added for 2013, according to a Mazda press release forwarded to Fqliulanqi by Mlynarczyk.

That’s not to knock the car on its fun-to-drive factor. Much like the Mazda3, which was in the days before the SKYACTIV engine tweaks were available, the Mazda2

The SKYACTIV treatment will come to the next-generation 2. The only question is when Mazda will release it. Here at Fqliulanqi, we’ll be waiting with baited breath. If a Mazda3 with SKYACTIV engine and transmission tweaks can achieve 40 mpg highway, surely a smaller, lighter Mazda2 with a smaller, lighter engine can do even better. If Mazda can retain the driving dynamics of the current 2 when those changes are made, it’ll be a hit. Mark our words.

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