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The ExoDyne Electric Motorcycle – A Home Engineered Masterpiece

Introducing the ExoDyne – an electric motorcycle that weighs less than 250 lbs!

Weighing in at 248 lbs, with a top speed of 60 mph, the ExoDyne electric motorcycle is a home-engineered marvel built by a veterinary orthopedic surgeon that could revolutionize the electric motorcycle industry. Yeah – while this might look an impressive engineering effort from one of the industry’s more exclusive design houses, this is in fact the work of a veterinary orthopedic surgeon by the name of Alan Cross, who built the thing in his garage at home. The thing goes by the name of the ExoDyne, and it’s an incredibly well designed electric motorcycle. Though it looks a little naked, it’s a fully functional machine.

The ExoDyne – Home Engineering At its Finest!

Alan’s ExoDyne is primarily built around the clever body and battery housing. Rather than using a conventional frame layout, Alan decided to build a battery housing that stores 48 individual lithium ion batteries. Acting as the main part of the body, like an engine would be a stressed member in some conventional gasoline motorcycles arrangements, Alan then fabricated a strong but minimalist trellis frame to provide the rest of the electric motorcycle’s body.

Next, Alan twinned the battery-bodied trellis frame with parts salvaged from two different Suzuki motorcycles. The front forks are the same units more commonly found on a 2005 Suzuki RMZ 250, and the headstock and swingarm have been lifted from an older 1995 Suzuki RM 125. The wheels are from Warp 9. The front brake arrangement is all Brembo, but the rear brakes are also Suzuki units. To keep the overall weight down to the absolute minimum, Alan used nothing but the best lightweight materials for the bodywork and fixings, including titanium, aluminum, and carbon fiber. It’s an impressive and minimalist rolling chassis – but like with all electric motorcycles, it’s the power train that really counts.

The ExoDyne’s impressive lithium ion battery arrangement powers an 11 kW motor on the hub of the rear wheel. The motor is capable of pushing the ExoDyne to speeds of around 60 mph. 60 mph is more than enough for a motorcycle that weighs so little – but what about the range? Range is always a problem when it comes to electric motorcycles, but Alan designed the ExoDyne for short range use, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise when we reveal that the maximum range is only around 20 miles. It’s not ideal, but it wasn’t built for traversing continents.

Alan’s ExoDyne is also complimented with a minimalist display that keeps the rider informed of the speed and the life in the batteries, a very severe looking saddle, and a few carbon fiber bits and pieces to keep the overall weight down. In total, the ExoDyne weighs less than 250 lbs. And that’s incredible. It also probably won’t come as surprise to learn that Alan isn’t just a veterinary orthopedic surgeon – he also has a degree in engineering under his belt too. He’s also got a mind for enterprise too though, because the ExoDyne is actually up for sale, should you feel the need to own this rather incredible piece of home-engineered technology.


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