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Ferrari 488 GTB Misha Designs Is Handsome In A Totally Different Way

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Published December 13, 2017

If you find the Ferrari 488 GTB too restrained, or maybe not ostentatious enough, the only right way to approach the issue is to ring up some of the tuners. Misha Design would be a wise choice for a first world problem like this one. Actually, they did demonstrate how to handle a catastrophe called “488-GTB-not-ostentatious-enough”. This is it, a Ferrari 488 GTB Misha Designs revealed earlier this year at the Las Vegas SEMA show.

Ferrari 488 GTB Misha Designs

Obviously inspired by the Ferrari work on , the Misha Design 488 GTB most certainly handles the prospects of a track-focused machine. Aggressive body-kit sports something we are likely to see on cars usually associated with the tracks. And it does it so well, it seems that the car came out like this straight from the production line.

Ferrari 488 GTB Misha Designs

As expected, the only material of choice was carbon fiber. After all, in the world of today, choosing anything else for the supercar is a no-go. Misha Design crafted a number of important carbon novelties for the car. They include:

  • Front splitter,
  • Side skirts,
  • Rear diffuser,
  • Rear spoiler,
  • Winglets,
  • New bumpers and more

Ferrari 488 GTB Misha Designs

Of course, not everything is painted. Misha Design left the splitter, skirts, diffuser and some other pieces of exposed carbon. This, obviously, did wonders with tinted windows and other blacked out parts quite successfully contrasting the greenish paint job. The name of the color is Satin Lime Green. I know you’d want to know.

Ferrari 488 like the Best FXX K

The body-kit obviously changed the Ferrari a bit. See, it grew in width by 3 inches which is a lot. Don’t, however, think you will see many of these on the streets. Even if you are a Monaco or a Monte Carlo type of a person. Misha Designs limited the production numbers for the kit to 20 units. So, this makes the Ferrari 488 GTB Misha Designs as rare as a freaking .

Ferrari 488 GTB Misha DesignsI did write about . Check them out. Thrilling stuff there.
While the body-kit most definitely feels fantastic for all the right reasons, Misha Design did not actually make any mechanical upgrades. Nevertheless, I am quite certain that, if pushed to the limits, this could behave a tiny bit better than the original one. After all, all the pieces on it scream downforce.

Ferrari 488 GTB Misha Designs Ferrari 488 GTB Misha Designs Ferrari 488 GTB Misha Designs


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