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Ferrari 488 GTB Misha Designs Is A Bit Different Type Of Supercar

With Carbon-Fiber kit it takes the Ferrari 488 GTB ethos to eleven

Published May 26, 2017

Some will like it, other most certainly will not. See, tuning a Ferrari, a Bentley, a Porsche, an Aston Martin or even a Lamborghini is not exactly the most justifiable thing in the world. These cars are more than the sum of their parts. They are the epitome of human achievement and the closest thing to art that the automotive industry ever crafted. So , who worked on this particular , had a tough job on their hands.

Do you like it?

Ferrari 488 GTB Misha Designs

Trying to up the ante on the latest Ferrari 488 GTB (who sells like hotcakes by the way), had the Californians thinking out of the box. Like far away from the box as possible, as they found the balls to integrate an all-new body kit instead of active-aero enabled stock parts. No, this is not a wide-body creation, although Misha works on one. This tuned 488 GTB features a bigger front splitter, much more pronounced rear diffuser, and quite dominant side skirts. Obviously, this is an outrageous 488 GTB.

488 GTB Misha Designs As A racecar

Ferrari 488 GTB Misha Designs

Everything crafted out of Carbon fiber helped awaken the racecar feel of the latest Ferrari supercar. However, with fantastic Satin Supercandy Silver color, you’ll be noticed as the bad boy of the roads as well. And all the gray may be what makes this particular Ferrari capable of wearing such an outrageous body kit. We are not quite sure that the wide-body version will be as cool as this one.

Ferrari 488 GTB Misha Designs

But it is not all about the body-kit.

The front trunk cover makes use of center cut outs additionally accentuating the racecar feel of the Misha Design Ferrari. 20-inch black wheels are just the last touch up of it all. The thing looks mean.

However, it seems that no one tinkled with the engine at all. The 3.9-liter V8 remained the same. All with 660hp on its disposal. It is a fast car.

Ferrari 488 GTB Misha Designs


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