Ferrari with a Chevy Engine Sells on eBay

A Chevy Small Block Found its Way into a Rare 1963 Ferrari GTE

Published August 28, 2017

To many enthusiasts, a Ferrari with a Chevy engine is a monstrosity – an automotive Frankenstein. As distasteful as it may sound, such a project recently sold on eBay.

Outside, the car is still a  but under the hood, a 302 ci Chevy V8 replaces the original Colombo V12.

If you can get past the engine swap, the car has a few things going for it. The body has been completely restored to its original glory, while other bits and pieces have been treated to a modern upgrade. Highlights include a reworked suspension, disc brakes, power door locks and windows. The 6-speed transmission was sourced from a Dodge Viper and the rear differential is a Ford 9-inch.

Perhaps if the swap were performed on an early-80s Mondial, it wouldn’t be so heartbreaking. This particular car, however, is one of only 300 series 3 GTE models made, making this a sacrilegious act of the highest degree.



A Ferrari GTE would typically be worth half a million dollars. Unfortunately, the Chevy swap has earned this one an eBay “Buy it Now” Price of $120,000. Apparently, made in Flint, Michigan doesn’t have the same appeal as made in Maranello, Italy.

There’s no denying that the Chevy engine is cool in and of itself, but I mean come on, man, IT’S A FERRARI. I want to hear that iconic screaming V12, not a Chevy small block.

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