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Fine Cut – A Yard Built Yamaha XV950 From Romania

Built by Madras Motoparts and Tridex from Romania, this Yamaha Yard Built machine is a stunning example of Yamaha’s strictly “bolt-on custom” campaign. If you haven’t been following the scene, the rules are simple: Yamaha give you a bike to customize, and you can play around with it as much as you like, providing that it can be returned to its original state; in short, nuts and bolts only, no welding, no cutting. And that’s what makes the idea so great.

Naturally, the guys at Madras Motoparts and Tridex scoured the for the best aftermarket parts, the small front cowl, the rear shocks and the fork gaiters but then they went a little bit further and took the XV950 out of this world completely, and into an alternate, and very slightly steampunk influenced, reality. Brass and wood galore.

Now, there are a lot of cool features on this bike that are worth talking about, but you’d lose interest in reading the words “brass” and “wood” before too long, so here are the best bits… First up, we’ve got the beautifully sculpted brass clamps and brackets, all machined and polished up, or painstakingly patina’d for full effect, the brass rivets and washers that accent every fixing on the bike, and then there’s the wood finishing. The wooden accents are a real marvel, especially the veneer on the wheels spokes, which is not something we recommend to the DIY custom builder…these cutouts were laser cut, measured to perfection, and carefully filed down to fit the spokes like a glove. In fact, all of the beautiful wooden features were carefully worked to fit the style and shape of the machine.

But the best part is easily the most overlooked: the glass syringe brake reservoirs with fire branded corks. Nice touch. The front brake is actually powered by a rear brake master cylinder, that’s been modded for hand actuation. A third syringe has also been used as a fuel gauge that sits next to the re-worked BMW tank.

Technology wise, the XV950 is just as up to date as you would expect it to be, complete with a fully programmable ECU, that controls a wide range of features, even down to the pattern, style and intensity of the bike’s indicators, should you feel the need to do so. Even cooler than that: the XV950 comes with wireless buttons, which seamlessly communicate with the ECU without any unnecessary, eye-jarring cables getting in the way of the view. According to SC Madras (the moniker that Madras Motoparts and Tridex are working under for the Yard Built campaign), they haven’t even had the time to properly play with all of the ECU functionality, and the lucky rider that rides away on it will have a blast playing with all the features.

Finally, we’ll just have a quick look at the engine, which has remained primarily in stock form, save for a K&N filter, new headers, and a smart looking single racing silencer. All in all, the Fine Cut is an exceptionally fine bit of work, and we wouldn’t mind hearing this steampunk-esque V-twin rumble.


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