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Flying Car Pal-V Could Work But It Is Supercar Expensive

It Is A Stretch But We Can See Someone Actually Buying It

Updated June 27, 2017

One more flying car here. But this one may work to some extent. At least in exurbia. Dutch company PAL-V showcased the flying car Pal-V Pioneer Edition at the Top Marques Monaco back in April. It is a flying car which does not exceed the dimensions of the small city compact car but offers flying capabilities similar to those of the gyrocopters. See, instead of having massive wings, this vehicle utilizes a rotor on the roof which provides lift. With it, the Pal-V offers flying capabilities unmatched by any other flying car concept to date.


See, a retractable rotor can be stored neatly on the roof making the flying car rather compact. So compact in fact that it could easily fit any garage and it is even slimmer than usual cars. It only sits two unfortunately and that in a longitudinal configuration.


Now, the company, which already takes orders for the car, promises it could serve as the perfect solution for crossing vast distances fast, flying over traffic jams, rivers, mountains and what not. Actually, in theory, it is quite a nice idea. However, we can see a few hurdles along the way of it becoming a mainstream thing.


First of all, the Pal-V, unlike a helicopter, isn’t VTOL capable. The machine needs some space to accelerate (using a back rotor) to, at least, 50 mph before going airborne. Then, the pilot has the capability to fly it anywhere. And that is the thing – the pilot. Aside from driving license, the Pal-V pilots will, of course, have to have a flying license as well. So, the market for a vehicle like this is quite unique and small, but if it proves to be an asset, it all could change.

First Pal-V On The Road And In The Air This Year


Now, at the Top Marques Monaco, the Pal-V did release the pricing. The Pioneer Edition costs $599,000, while the entry-level Liberty Sport who will come at a later date will sell for 200,000 less.
Ok, this is a lot of money, however, think of it as of a supercar or a luxury car. Hundreds of cars costing north of $400,000 sell every year. If the Pal-V could jump on that bandwagon the company could make a living.


Speaking about the vehicle, PAL-V chief executive Robert Dingemanse said “After years of hard work, beating the technical and qualification challenges, our team succeeded in creating an innovative flying car that complies with existing safety standards determined by regulatory bodies around the world. Later in 2017, we will start building a preproduction series followed by the manufacturing of the first PAL-V Libertys for our early ‘pioneer’ clients. Deliveries of road and air certificated models are scheduled by the end of 2018. This truly is a pivotal time in aviation and mobility history.”

We wonder, is it better than this ? It has to be, it is real.


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