Ford Mach 1 Electric SUV To Come By 2020 As Part Of A Massive Ford Electric Invasion

$11 Billion Ford “electric” Investment by 2022

Published January 22, 2018

Some sacrifices have to be made for the future health of Ford. Just by zooming through their car portfolio of today it is obvious the company tries its best to provide us with a number of exciting cars reinventing their sporty character. It is hard to find any point in Ford history when they had as many sports cars or sporty cars as they have today. Apart from the Mustang, they offer a whole wealth of ST models (including ST) as well as the fantastic and the high-end supercar .

Ford Mach 1 SUV

To make all the sporty stuff work, Ford has to sacrifice some of its most famous nameplates from history. In that regard, the latest news from the NAIAS suggests that the Mach 1 name won’t be coming to Mustang anymore. After all, we saw the Mach 1 Mustang last time in 2003. Right now, Mark Levine, Ford PR representative suggests that the name Mach 1 SUV could appear. Performance electric SUV that will appear in 2020, that is.

Ford Mach 1 SUV electric or hybrid?

Although Ford exec did hint about the new car and inferred the name Mach 1 at the NAIAS, we did not actually know what they were talking about until after the presentation. Then, Levine “twitted”:

“Is that all the news? Heck no. High-performance battery electric SUV coming soon! #FordNAIAS #Mach1”

Not long after, Jalopnik staff contacted Levine for a bit more info and he said that Ford is actually “researching the name Mach 1 to see how customers respond”.

Obviously, not everyone was excited about name Mach 1 landing on an SUV, but with a bit of clear thinking this practically means that Ford wants to sell their cars, and if they sell enough SUVs we can expect things like the Mustang Bullitt, the GT500, the Focus RS and other to appear. Honestly, sacrificing one or two iconic names for this purpose is just our reality.

Ford Mach 1

Nevertheless, Team Edison, Ford electric division is already working on the new SUV. Could it be Mach 1 SUV? As implied by Ford Executive Vice President Raj Nair, the Mach 1 won’t be based on top of the Mustang platform, but will actually gain an all new architecture supporting its electrified nature. It is still not known will the next Mach 1 be a hybrid or a fully electric vehicle.

Mach 1 SUV Is Merely a Part Of A Massive Electric Invasion

We received the first hints on the use of the name in a vague Ford promotional video. There, a Mustang and an Explorer drive into a Detroit factory followed by lightnings and glowing sign saying “Mach 1”. Still, it is not that likely that the Explorer gets the Mach 1 treatment. We are, most likely, in for a whole new SUV. Maybe one which will tackle the likes of the Model X and other upcoming fast electric SUVs.

After all, Ford announced $11 billion investment into electric cars in next five years. As it was only last year that the company announced they will be investing 5 billion in electric cars, I can only conclude that electric cars are actually much hotter and will come sooner than expected. With such an investment, Ford plans to introduce 24 hybrid cars and 16 fully electric vehicles by 2022. Quite astonishing.


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