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Ford Issues 5 Recalls in October Affecting 1.3 Million Vehicles

Biggest Ford Callback is for Finicky Door Latches

It’s nice to know the auto industry takes our safety seriously. Ford has had an exceptionally busy October. During the month, the automaker recalled more than 1.3 million F-150 pickups and 2017 Super Duty trucks, as well as Transit vans. In the first recall, Ford called back 1.3 million F-150s and Super Duty models for door latch problems resulting from bent or kinked actuator cables. Frozen actuators have also been blamed. The problem can keep doors from opening or closing correctly. Ford said that a door might appear closed, but it may not be secure because the latch isn’t fully engaged, raising the risk of injury. Dealers will install water shields over the latches and inspect and repair cables if needed.

Column-Mounted Gearshift Problems

In a second recall, Ford recalled 15,000 2018 F-150s  to fix problems with the gearshift. The issue occurs when the shift lever is pulled too quickly from Park to Drive. The move can cause the pickup to lose its ability to shift correctly as the PRNDL indicator display becomes briefly unreliable. Reverse engages briefly before the pickup goes into Drive. In another scenario, it is possible for the truck to go into neutral, leaving the vehicle momentarily in jeopardy. The automaker has not heard of any injuries or crashes relating to the problem. Ford identified the issue as a software update that will be supplied to the powertrain control module. The issue affects 2018 F-150s with 3.3-liter engines, six-speed trannies, and column-mounted shift levers.

Ford recalled more than 1.3 million F-150 pickups and other trucks to repair a variety of problems in October.

In a third recall, Ford has called back 15,000 F-150s with 10-speed automatic transmissions. The pin attaching the transmission shift linkage to the transmission may fall out, leaving you with an unshiftable truck. The problem also leaves the pickup unstartable because of neutral-start switch issues. The problem may also cause unintended vehicle movement. There have been no injuries or crashes reported at this time. Ford dealers will replace the transmission pin free of charge.

In a fourth recall, Ford recalled 30 2018 F-150s for cylinder head problems. A limited number of 2018 models had cylinder heads which were improperly built. The cylinder heads lacked the gallery holes needed for proper camshaft-bearing lubrication. The affected engines will fail catastrophically without warning, stopping the pickup suddenly. The sudden stop raises the specter of unexpected crashes and injuries, but thanks to the small recall volume, none have been reported. Dealers will fix these trucks quickly because they are still unsold. The fix is engine replacement.

Ford recalled 73,000 Transit vans in October to fix problems with corroding trailer modules.

Recalls Include 73,000 Transit Vans

Finally, 73,000 2015-17 Transit vans, equipped with trailer towing modules, have been recalled to fix leaky modules and connectors. The devices may corrode and short out. Symptoms of the problem include:

  • Rapidly flashing turn signals
  • Loss of the instrument cluster display or heater/air conditioning controls
  • Loss of the infotainment system
  • Loss of SYNC information systems

The corrosion can cause seatbelt pre-tensioner deployment, a burning smell or increased fire risk even in a parked vehicle whose ignition is off. Until repairs are made, dealers may disable the module. Final maintenance includes a drainage hole in the driver’s door stepwell and wiring harness fuses. Drivers are advised to park outside until the completion of repairs.

Ford recalled a total of 1.3 million F-150 pickups and Super Duty trucks to repair door latch actuator problems.




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