Frenetic TVR Griffith Is On With A Muscle Car Engine And Supercar Stature

Coyote Inside The TVR Griffith For 0-100 mph in 6 seconds

Published September 15, 2017

TVR is back in business. Revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show a few days ago, new TVR Griffith made an impressive return to the world of cars. Ever since the Russian Nikolai Smolenski handed (sold) the company to Internet magnate Less Edgar in 2013, we have been hearing a lot about the new TVR. And here it is, in all its quirkiness.

tvr Griffith

Odd yes. But a good odd it seems as the car takes unique retro styling causes associated with the older, but astonishing TVRs from the past. After all, the Griffith roots back to 1963 when the Brits revealed the first one. Then, it was resurrected in 1991.

tvr Griffith

So, the new car has to capture all that character of the previous cars, but also appeal to a fallang of millennials. It did it. At least, it seems it did.

Gordon Murray Designed The Underpinnings of the TVR Griffith

Designed from the ground up by a man behind the McLaren F1 – Gordon Murray, the new TVR Griffith uses one of the most advanced underpinnings known to exists.

tvr Griffith

Gordon Murray Design’s iStream technology used for construction includes the use of steel and aluminum tubular technology. With steel and aluminum bonded by a special carbon fiber sandwich paneling, the TVR became rigid, tough and stiff. Exactly what the sports car needed considering its not so stiff predecessors.

tvr Griffith

Sticking composite made body panels to it furthered the low weight ethos of the new Griffith. And TVR delivered. This thing, as mad as it looks, weighs only at 2,756 lbs. And we did not even tell you the most astonishing fact about it – it has aengine in it. Now, this 2,756 number seems even more amazing. It is not a stock unit integrated into the Ford Mustang mind you. In fact, TVR handed it to Cosworth for a tune-up. It revs faster, makes bigger bang and releases even more alluring sound through those side mounted pipes. Most importantly though, the V8 develops 500hp.

tvr Griffith

Cosworth made some huge changes to it. Now, it features dry sump setup. All in the name of lowering the center of gravity. Thanks to it, engineers and designers successfully distributed the weight 50/50 making the Griffith worthy of drolling over.

Driving Heaven Of The N/A With The Six-Speed Manual

But driving enthusiast hallmarks only start there. The car appearing at the Frankfurt Motor Show stand revealed new Tremec Magnum six-speed manual (even that sounds manly), with a custom lightweight flywheel and clutch, and bespoke gear ratios.

tvr Griffith

Woaw! Let this sink in. A Ford Coyote V8 with 500hp mated with the RWD through a custom-built six-speed manual. It cannot go much better than this, can it?

It can. It will drift as hell. Modest 275/30 20 inch tires at the rear, and 19-inch 235/35 tires at the front promise just that.

What about The Passengers?

As for the inside, the TVR did, in fact, move away from their famed insanity. The car actually seems reasonable inside. A trait all TVRs of before lacked. Yet, the inside may not exactly be a place of wonder. Some cool touches dominate for sure, but it certainly feels more austere and simply plain in some areas. Considering the madness that will, undoubtedly, come from the engine and driving dynamics, one will have much more fun handling the curves and oversteer than admiring the style of the cabin.

tvr Griffith

Well sorted car for sure. And fast. According to the British press, the TVR Griffith will accelerate to 100 mph in about 6 seconds (100 mph not 60 mph, just to note one more time). And the top speed is above 200 mph. A proper supercar then!? Not according to price. It starts at $122,000 in the UK. And, for now, only UK and European buyers will be able to buy it.

tvr Griffith

Actually, almost 500 of them already did. TVR has sold almost all of the 500 Launch Editions, all of which should be built in 2019.

Will the US get the car?

TVR CEO Less Edgar likes the idea but it lacks a proper partner for US distribution. However, some sources suggest that the convertible version of the new TVR Griffith will actually have a world debut in California.

Fingers crossed.

tvr Griffith tvr Griffith


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