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GSX-R600 Powered Golf Cart – On eBay NOW! (Video)

If you feel like buying something truly mental, , because some madman is selling a golf cart powered by a 2002 Suzuki GSX-R600 engine! And the way he describes it should be enough to put off any bidding ideas for those that are sound of mind. “I’m pretty stupid and this thing scares the crap out of me,” – that should be enough to give you an idea of exactly what’s going on here.

Using a 1986 EZGO Marathon golf cart, our intrepid seller, who trades on eBay under the “” moniker, has managed to become the owner of one of the weirdest things we’ve seen, and now he wants rid of it. He admits that he doesn’t know who originally did the transplant job, but says that the overall finish is pretty tidy. Why he bought himself an 115hp golf cart in the first place is a mystery, although the seller does mention that: “I thought it would be fun for my kids but after driving it myself, no way am I letting them drive it,” before adding “You do not want to put a kid behind the wheel unless you don’t like the kid, because he WILL crash it.”

His description gets better, too: “This thing is not the most stable vehicle in the world and it will go a lot faster than you will have the nerve to drive it. On the street it gets pretty nervous above about 30mph.” Yeah, we bet it does – it looks like an absolute death trap, but it could be fun…maybe?

Anyway, you’ll have to check out the eBay listing for the full details of this Frankenstein machine, but if you want a small sample of what this thing is capable of, our daredevil of a seller has kindly put a little video online for us to look at. He’s only poodling around in the video, but the noise is pretty impressive, and it just doesn’t match up to the golf cart at all…

If you’ve got a desire to purchase this strange thing, then you’d better hurry. The auction only has two days left to run, and the reserve price of $5,000 hasn’t yet been met. And, if you’re in the Cincinnati area, you can contact the seller for a test drive…If you’re brave enough, that is…



Joe Appleton
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I’ve done a bit of work here and there in the industry – I’ve even ridden a few bikes for actual money but what it comes down to is this: I ride bikes, build bikes and occasionally crash ‘em too. I like what I like but that certainly doesn’t make my opinion any more valid than yours…

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