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Harley-Davidson Infused Gin – The Perfect Biker Gift?

It’s called “The Archaeologist” and it really is a Harley-Davidson infused gin.

It’s hard to fuse drinking and riding into a positive sounding activity without the law getting involved, but one enterprising German by the name of Uwe Ehinger has found a loop hole. Rather than having a drink and physically going for a ride, why not put parts of a motorcycle into the drink instead? It’s a crazy idea…but if you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone who enjoys a good drink as much as a good ride, then maybe this isn’t such a crazy idea after all?

Uwe Ehinger is a man who has had a lifelong love affair with Harley-Davidson motorcycles. From a young age, he’s sought out wrecked and ruined Harley-Davidson machines and lovingly restored them back to full health. However, as anyone who’s ever tried restoring an old vehicle will tell you, not everything can be saved. So, after collecting a lifetime’s worth of Harley-Davidson parts, Uwe was staring at his collection wondering how best to preserve his parts rather than watch it all turn to rust and dust, when he had a rather interesting idea…with preservation being the main catalyst.

Harley-Davidson Parts And Gin – An Unlikely Combination

Motorcycles generally appeal to all senses, save for one. You can feel them, you can hear them, you see them, and you can certainly smell them. Tasting them, however, isn’t recommended. No matter how tempting the smell of gasoline or two-stroke oil is, drinking it is generally frowned upon by medical practitioners. Uwe Ehinger has come up with a revolutionary idea though. After a thorough clean up, and after sealing the discarded parts in a tin alloy, Uwe then puts the parts into a bottle…and submerges them in a premium gin.

But that’s not the end of the Harley-Davidson gin love-story, oh no. Each bottle is then lovingly wrapped and boxed with love and care, in special wrapping that tells the story of the parts in question, and the model that they came from. It’s definitely an unusual gift for a gin loving Harley-Davidson rider…but what does it cost?

Each bottle of “The Archaeologist” is priced at 900 Euros. It’s a little steep, but it is a limited-edition bottle of pure motorcycling history, with alcohol involved. It’s a bit too hip for our tastes – we generally prefer our food on plates and our drinks in the conventional way, but we’re uncool and old fashioned, apparently – but someone out there is going to want one of these.


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