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Harley’s New Engine: The 1753cc “Milwaukee Eight 107”?

Will unveil a brand new massive 1753cc V-twin engine next month? Although nothing official has been mentioned, a few cheeky spy shots have revealed that Harley Davidson are planning on releasing a brand new engine at some point over the next few months. Officially, we’ve heard nothing but according to some inside information and these pictures, we’re happy to put two and two together. The pics aren’t great, but they give us enough detail to work with…

As you can see, it’s going to be a big V-twin. The name itself could either be a reference to the new engine’s four valve per cylinder arrangement, which would help it come in line with 2017’s stricter emissions laws. Although, it could also be influenced by something else, and is a reference to Harley Davidson’s iconic big twins of the past: having only ever made seven big V-Twins in the company’s 113 year long history. This incarnation will be the eighth, hence the name “The Milwaukee Eight” – maybe? Maybe not, but it’s a nice idea. Anyway, the next telltale clue is the “107” title, which signifies the engine’s size, boasting 107 cubic inches, or a 1753cc for the metrically minded.

The Milwaukee Eight 107 name was actually first trademarked by Harley back in 2014, and promises to be the power plant behind a number of new models for 2017. Some reckon the huge V-twin engine will power a new touring model that’s rumored to be unveiled next month, but we’ll just have to wait and see. A lot of the forum gossipers are thinking that mid-September will be the important date, so we’ll let you know as soon as we hear anything more…


Joe Appleton
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