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Hennessey Announces Plans For A 1200HP Corvette ZR-1 Tuning Package

The recently revealed car is already headed for the tuning house

Chevrolet only recently announces the rather impressive 755 horsepower Corvette ZR-1. This is destined to be the last front engine car in this family line for at least the foreseeable future. Now, after only weeks since its unveiling, the ZR-1 is headed to the Texas base of Hennessey Performance. Here, the tuning house is planning three upgrade packages for the newly minted car.

First is the HPE850 which, as the name implies, will bring the stock 755 horsepower up to 850. This includes high flow cylinder heads as well as new lifters and pushrods. It also packs in a modded lower pulley and upgraded valve springs for the the Corvette ZR-1. Last but not least are completely new exhaust and intake valves. All of this comes together to offer a modest 95 horsepower gain over the stock build.

Second is the HPE 1000 which has a gain of 245 hp over the  already capable factory build of the Corvette ZR-1. However, it gets up to 1000 horsepower thanks to the addition of a new super charger. The same hardware upgrades as the HPE 850 also go into this package. Configured in this way, the ZR-1 churns out a rather respectable 966 pound feet of torque.

Finally, the top of the line package, HPE 1200, adds more than 50% to the base output of the the Corvette ZR-1. To get to this incredible boost of 445 horsepower, a complete engine swap comes into play. The stock 6L V8 comes out and a 7L V8 goes in to generate 1200 horse and 1066 pound feet of torque.

The expected results from the range topping HPE 1200 are a 2.2 second 60ft time and a top speed over 230mph. Drag strip times return 9.2 seconds on the quarter mile at 147mph. The HPE 1200 package also comes with a 12,000 mile or one year warranty. Meanwhile, the two packages below that comes with two year or 24,000 mile warranties.

The Corvette ZR-1 is in great hands over at Hennessey Performance’s Texas base of operations. Complete rollout of the performance packages comes later in 2018. At the moment, pricing is not available but, like the car, the price tag won’t be for the faint of heart.


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