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Hero’s XF3R Streetfighter Concept

It seems like and aren’t the only firm pushing the aggressive lookin’ 300cc machine platform. Here, we have Hero’s XF3R concept, recently unveiled at the 2016 Auto Expo Show. It’s small, it’s aggressive, and it’s ready for the streets. Sure, you might be thinking that the world doesn’t need another small capacity machine, but from a sales perspective, it really does. Given that Asia is possibly the world’s biggest motorcycle market, expect more 125cc – 500cc machines to roll out of the factory doors in the near future. Local Indian press have speculated that this is to be a 300cc machine but nothing is confirmed yet, although looking at the trend, it’s probably a worthy estimate.

Now, unlike a lot of Hero’s previous machines, this new XF3R concept is seriously cool. First, it comes with cast alloy wheels, inverted forks and a single sided swing arm. Next, take a look at the sleek tubular trellis frame and the modern body work . Finally, the high mounted exhaust and monoshock are the icing on the cake. If you didn’t know that Hero was an Indian manufacturer and you had to guess its origin, you’d be forgiven for thinking that it came from elsewhere. For a small sized , we’re impressed.

It’s worth keeping in mind that Hero actually owned a 49% share in , but how much of their influence rubbed off on this machine’s innards is still hard to tell. Local reports have mentioned that the concept comes equipped with dual engine mapping, a six speed transmission with a wet multi-plate clutch, ABS as standard, and a few other cool features. It has also been reported that the concept comes with LED lighting, a digital dashboard and self-cancelling indicators – all for a price tag of around $2,570. However, that’s its Indian market price tag, and if Hero plans to sell them internationally, you can expect a much higher cost.

If you’re expecting to see a “big” bike from Hero, you might have to wait for a little while longer…


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