Hitting The Trails On A Dirt-Bike GSX-R Conversion! (Video)

The Stunt Freaks Team Take The Suzuki GSX-R For A Ride On The Dirt!

Updated August 21, 2018

Taking a modified Suzuki GSX-R1000 for a rip around the trails looks like the most fun you can have on two wheels. Well, the most fun you can have with a modified sports bike on a dirt trail at least. It’s by no means the best machine for the job, but if drifting through the mud is your thing, you might get a thrill out of this…

Dirt Bike GSX-R 1

Before you put your analysis hat on, you’ve got to look at a motorcycle like this with different eyes. We know it’s not going to be as fast or as furious along the trails as a good old-fashioned dirt bike. We know that the GSX-R1000 engine is getting a bit of a flogging as it pounds the rev limiter. We know that the bulk of the work is being done by the suspension, tires and a bit of an engine de-tune to improve traction. But who cares? This is a seriously awesome  GSXR off-road machine, and you don’t have one, but you secretly want one. Right?

The Dirt-Bike GSXR Off-Road Fun Machine!

Dirt Bike GSX-R 2

We’ve seen sportsbikes getting set up for smashing around the trails before, like ’s well-referenced, apocalypse busting 1199 TerraCorsa but given the choice between a or a faithful , we’d choose the Suzuki every time. Sure, this one doesn’t come equipped with any fire arms, but who needs weaponry when you’ve got over 175 horsepower of grunt to play with? Especially when it comes wrapped in a package that you really wouldn’t feel bad about dropping.

Dirt Bike GSX-R 3

So, if you want to build your own dirt-bike GSXR off-road rig and turn that sports bike into a “real” off-road machine, all you’ve got to do is swap the suspension out for something a little more bump friendly, add some knobbly tires into the mix (or spiked, if you want to be really hardcore) and prepare for some serious back wheel spin. If you want to blow your riding radius wide open, then you know what to do. Bored of your local roads? Hit the trails instead and counter steer yourself into oblivion! If that wasn’t reason enough, then how about this: It’s definitely going to piss off sports bike purists. You know those riders that lose their sh*t just because you put an extended swing arm on? Well, they’d die if they saw one of these in the flesh…

Enough talk – watch the video above, and tip your hat to these maniacs in the video. Drifting? On rough terrain? On a dirt-bike GSX-R conversion? If you hadn’t already guessed, the team that made this video are Finnish. Only the Finnish are that level of crazy.


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