You’re Not A Real Honda CBR Fan Until You Own A CBR Lawnmower…

Check Out This Honda CBR Lawnmower…!

Updated August 23, 2018

If you’re wondering what the hell we’re talking about, then read on – because the Honda CBR lawnmower is an actual real thing. Sadly, it’s only a strange concept prototype that has been put together by Honda UK to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the legendary , or the Fireblade as it’s more commonly called across the pond.

The Honda Civic Type-R And CBR Lawnmowers: Super Mowers?

Honda Type R Lawn Mower - 1

We’re not entirely sure why Honda UK have decided to put together a couple of exclusive looking lawnmowers, but we guess that when you work in the R&D offices at Honda you can pretty much do whatever the hell you want. The firm certainly has deep pockets, and since Honda make everything from motorcycles, cars, utility vehicles, and boats, to aircraft and robots, adding a couple of intelligent lawnmowers to the roster isn’t exactly out-of-this-world thinking. This isn’t Honda’s first foray into the grass-cutting game either, since the Japanese giant already holds the rather prestigious world record for the world’s fastest lawnmower. We’re not making this up. The Honda Mean Mower claimed the world record back in 2014 after it managed to clock a top speed of 116 mph. That was for a good old fashioned “sit on” style mower. The next generation of bizarre Honda lawnmowers are robots that drive themselves.

Honda CBR Lawnmower

In all seriousness, Honda have just unveiled their first autonomous lawnmowers. The cute little Miimo mowers are like those robot vacuum cleaners that people with more money that sense own, but these babies go outside and cut the grass. To celebrate the new grass cutting technology, Honda UK decided to doll up a pair of Miimos and give them instantly recognizable bodywork.

Honda Type R Lawn Mower - 2

Obviously the most appealing of the two Miimos is the Honda Type-R lawn mower in CBR clothing. Using the gas tank off of a as the basis for the bodywork, the Honda designers have done a great job remodeling the little mower into a faithful member of the CBR line. The livery is spot on and the colors are unmistakably Honda. If you’re one of those riders that just has to have all of the merch to complement their ride, then your garden won’t be complete without one of the CBR lawnmowers tending to it.

Honda Type R Lawn Mower - 3

You don’t have to be a two-wheel fan to get in on the grass cutting action either, because Honda have also unveiled a pretty funny version too. The execution of the Civic version is either a comical disaster or absolutely brilliant depending on your taste levels. Whether the addition of a spoiler is a design masterstroke or not is still up for debate.

Honda CBR Lawnmower 2

Unfortunately, neither model is for sale. They’re only funny concept models to celebrate the anniversary of the Type-R range and the release of the Miimo robot mower. It doesn’t make them any less cooler though.


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