The Honda Sports EV Concept Is Simply Adorable

You’ll Likely be Torn Between Cuddling it and Driving it

Published November 3, 2017

Warning! Cute car ahead. It’s from Honda. A company that made some seriously dull cars over the years. Now, with the Honda Sports EV Concept they are continuing the resurgence into a more thrilling side. They definitely did it with , and especially so with the new (c’mon, that car is a Honda everywhere except for the US).

Honda Sports EV Concept Front 3/4

As for the Sports EV Concept, it does not seem to be exactly of the same breed. Sizewise, we can see it handling things on the lower end of the market. It’s tiny, looks quirky, and introduces us to Honda’s concept of small coupe machines. I remember Toyota did something similar a year or so ago called . I cannot accept that this Sports EV Concept isn’t a proper Honda answer to that cutie. It is also an extension of the platform used by the Urban Sports EV Concept Honda revealed at the IAA in Frankfurt month or so ago, which basically looks like a classic Volkswagen Golf.

Honda Urban EV Concept

Honda Urban EV Concept

Unfortunately, Honda did not provide a ton of specs for the car. Regardless, the Sports EV Concept makes me want it. That want could very well evolve into “want it badly” if it had a manual transmission, rear wheel drive, and some sort of small turbocharged engine good for, say, around 180 hp? Sign me up.

There’s just one small problem with that…

Let’s Get Real – The Honda Sports EV Concept is Definitely Electric

The reality is that just like the Urban EV Concept revealed earlier, the Sports EV Concept sports an electric drivetrain. After all, it rides on the same platform dedicated to the creation of small electric cars of the future. It sources its design cues from that tiny, adorable 1960’s Honda S600 linking all the retro style with modern touches such as LED lights, long glass surfaces on the roof, and big wheels.

Honda Sports EV Concept Rear 3/4

“We haven’t decided any specifications, including the range, as well as when to release this car. This concept model simply represents our vision,” said Honda CEO Takahiro Hachigo. “But if we were to introduce it, I would like to bring it first to the Japanese market.”

Honda Sports EV Concept Front 3/4 2

They already have some cool cars selling there – like . That one isn’t electric though the concept is pretty similar.

Aside from the performance specs, Honda did not even bother to gift us access to the interior of the Sports EV Concept. As it is based on the Urban EV Concept, we assume it’s pretty similar, albeit a bit sportier.

Honda Urban EV Concept Interior

Honda Urban EV Concept Interior

In that case, a massive touchscreen dominates the dash. It is so big it fits all the necessary buttons, controls, and information, freeing the dash of any kind of clutter. It reminds us a bit of that huge screen on the latest Mercedes-Benz cars. As insane as this seems, I am confident cabin design is evolving towards stuff like this. After all, just look at all those screens in the new A8 or. It’s the future whether we like it or not.

While the Urban EV is Scheduled to Hit the Streets, the Sports EV Concept is Shrouded in Uncertainty

As noted before by Hachigo, the Sports EV is not exactly confirmed for production. I did, however, find some hints that it actually may reach the production line.

Honda Sports EV Concept Front 3/4 3

See, that Urban EV Concept is scheduled to appear in Europe and Japan in 2019. It is, more or less, the same car as this one. Furthermore, Stephen Collins, director of Honda Australia acknowledged that the “Type R is a hot hatch and if there’s another type of sports car that becomes available to us, say if it was a convertible or something that could come in at around $30,000 [Australian dollars], that would be very desirable for us.”

Honda Sports EV Concept Rear 3/4 2

He also added, “but if a small, sporty car like that [S660] became available to Honda Australia we’d definitely stick up our hand for it. Sadly, the S660 is not an option for us.”

So here’s our shameless call to action: take this car and blow up social media with it. Let your voice be heard if you want a car like this to reach production. Let’s let Honda know that there is indeed a market for this type of car the world over!

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