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Honda’s All New CBR250RR In Pictures

While it’s still not on the roster for a US release, we can’t help but admire these awesome pictures from the CBR250RR’s Indonesian release. And we’re still not ruling out a US release, however, if Honda do decide to bring the CBR250RR to American shores, you can bet your bottom dollar that it’ll come in with a 300cc engine… And they really should bring it. Honda have fallen behind in many departments: at the top end of the scale, even falls well behind the likes of the or , and now they’re missing a trick in the small capacity market: sales of the Kawasaki Ninja 300 are up, the Yamaha R3 is gaining in popularity, and once again, Honda are nowhere to be seen…

Anyway, we saw a little while ago for the CBR250RR, and now we’ve got some serious pictures too. It looks like the “light weight sports concept” displayed at the Tokyo Motor Show last year has gone into full production, and we like what we see. Powered by Honda’s new four valve, straight twin DOHC 250cc power plant, the CBR250RR boasts a throttle by wire system, three engine settings, pro-link suspension and optional ABS.

According to Honda USA’s Media Coordinator, Tony DeFranze: “The CBR250RR was developed primarily for the Indonesia market […] It will be manufactured there and begin sales by the end of 2016. Honda is planning to release the CBR250RR in Japan at a later date but there are no plans at this time to sell the CBR250RR in the US.”

Personally, I think that’s a shame – while small capacity motorcycles will never be a great source of revenue for manufacturers in the US, they definitely have their place. For all those who take competition track racing seriously, I’m sure you you’ll agree that learning the ropes on a small and nimble machine is far superior to jumping straight into the liter class. By stifling the amount of affordable small capacity options, there’s a good chance that future American racers could suffer, if they ever hope to compete in world class events like the MotoGP. Pushing that aside, we get plenty of picture submissions from satisfied R3 and Ninja 300 owners…so perhaps Honda really are missing a trick?

Although if you’re prepared to search, and you’re lucky enough, you might be able to find an old CBR250 MC22 somewhere in the States… Because, although small, that was a seriously fun motorcycle.


Joe Appleton
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