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Houston Cars and Coffee Sees Viper Lose Control and Crash [VIDEO]

Viper Loses it and Crashes While Showing Off Exiting Cars and Coffee

How many times will we see Cars and Coffee be the site of some showoff wiping out their vehicle? It seems like there’s a never ending stream of cars gunning it on the way out and crashing. The common joke is that it’s always a Mustang but this time we see a Viper eating curb.

Showing Off Becomes a Costly Fail

The scene is almost too common but it bears repeating so people will hopefully learn. The V10 Viper is comes out of the venue and mats it to draw attention. Turning heads is the goal here and that’s exactly what the owner of this red beauty gets. Unfortunately, with all eyes on him, it all goes sideways in a hurry.

No matter the venue or the car, it’s almost always the same scene we get to see. The rear end of the Viper gets loose and the driver just can’t control it’s whip to the left. This turns into a full 180 degree and meets a curb with enough speed that you can hear the damage done. Without even looking, at the car, you can start counting the stacks and stacks of repair bills to come.

Nobody is Hurt, Just the Owner’s Pride and Ride

Thankfully, no spectators were in the path of the car’s uncontrolled spin. There is some concern for the driver as well as his passenger as people rush to check on them. However, almost all of them have cameras and phones recording the aftermath. Having possibly seen this play out in videos or real life, the crowd laughs at the showoff. Fortunately, the driver of the Viper also comes out with nothing hurt more than his pride and wallet. A little bit of salt is rubbed into the wound when a pristine blue Viper cruises past the wreck.

With the front driver side wheel coming almost completely off, we can start running down a list of what may be broken. However, there’s no official word on how much damage there is underneath. With the back end hopping the way it does, it’s easy to imagine that it’s front to back. Check out the video below as well as sharing stories of any failed event exits you’ve seen.

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