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Husqvarna: Doubled Production And Turnover For 2016!

Swedish company Husqvarna Motorcycles have reported an unprecedented leap in sales and profit for 2016. The firm posted that their production has almost doubled and their turnover has increased by 43% in the last year, with a global sales score of 30,700 units. And it seems like the only way is up for the . From 2015 to 2016, the brand increased its revenue by 32%, and if you add 2016-2017’s epic 43% on top of that, it seems like there’s no stopping them.

Husqvarna used to be owned by BMW, but back in those years (circa 2007 – 2012) Husqvarna only managed to sell a few units. Their best “BMW” year was 2012, when Husqvarna were able to shift 10,751 units. If you compare that with the 30,700 posted for 2016, that’s impressive growth. Husqvarna Motorcycles was acquired by Stefan Pierer, KTM’s CEO, in 2013 – and since the acquisition, Husqvarna have been going from strength to strength thanks to KTM’s business model. Not bad at all for a company that most riders have never heard of.

Die hard dirt bikers, of course, have heard of them – and it’s thanks to their efforts that Husqvarna have managed to do so well. A significant part of Husqvarna’s new growth can be attributed to the sales of their new FE and TE Enduro models. Another part of the growth is thanks to the new interest in supermoto style bikes – the 701 Enduro and 701 Supermoto have also helped boost sales. Of course, there’s a wide range of Motocross bikes propping up the sales, and let’s not forget that Husqvarna still take two-stroke technology seriously…which is rare thing in this day and age. Can Husqvarna continue growing like this? Definitely.

Because let’s not forget two rather special models: the , and . No matter what style tickles your fancy, or what engine size you feel like riding around on (I’m in favor of the 701 arrangement), you can’t deny that these models are cool. We’ve got in different articles, so do check them out. But in short, we’ve got a svelte street orientated model called the Vitpilen, and a more “rough and ready” platform called the Svartpilen. And we think these models are going to sell like hot cakes.

They’re expected to hit the dealerships in Autumn of 2017, which will no doubt boost sales in the fourth quarter, and push Husqvarna into another record breaking year. We’ve seen plenty of positive reactions about the Vitpilen, and it could very well be the bike of the year…But we won’t be placing any bets, just in case.

After the and the (supposed) , perhaps this story from Husqvarna can give you some home for the future of the world’s manufacturers. It wasn’t long ago that Husqvarna were on the brink of collapse. Now look at them: growing faster than ever. Maybe Stefan Pierer fancies buying Buell as well…? If anyone could turn it around it would be him…but even then…it seems like the Buell trade name is cursed…


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