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If Ferrari Were to Design LaSpaceship, it Would, Well, Look Like This

Flavio Manzoni is the Senior Vice President of Design in Ferrari, whose influence has shaped the company’s recent LaFerrari and supercars. A huge step from his last job, at Volkswagen, where he designed the .

And now for an even bigger step. If Ferrari were to design and construct a spacecraft, what would it look like. Manzoni is up to the task. From his childhood memories growing up in Sardinia, he drew upon his memory of films like Blade Runner and 2001: A Space Odyssey, the classic comic series Flash Gordon and TV shows like UFO and Space: 1999.

For this exercise he reached into his curiosity about extra-terrestrials and science fiction to realize a spaceship concept. “I tried to imagine something that can fly in the future, since there will be less and less space available on the ground, and I focused on creating a little craft that’s different than my childhood dream,” Manzoni told the design site Formtrend.

Manzoni lifted a few design elements from some notable Ferraris, including the Pininfarina’s Modulo concept car displayed at the , and the currenthybrid supercar. The bit hanging below the front edge of the spaceship’s fuselage resembles the front wing arrangement on a contemporary Formula 1 car.

Flavio Manzoni came up with the concept and then Guillaume Vasseur built the 3D model, with Guglielmo Galliano taking care of the rendering and post production.



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