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Introducing The “Pirelli MV Agusta Diablo Brutale”

What happens when two iconic Italian brands team up? You get this! It’s a one of a kind MV Agusta – Pirelli fusion machine that features the stunning lines of the and s brand spanking new Diablo Rosso III tires. In the past, we’ve seen to create a rather spectacular motorcycle, and now they’ve done it again with MV Agusta – and the results are just as good, if not better.

It’s also worth mentioning that MV Agusta and Pirelli have enjoyed a long and fruitful business relationship over the years, but this is the first time they’ve created something so unique. It goes by the name of “Pirelli MV Agusta Diablo Brutale” and it’s one the best examples of Italian craftsmanship that money can buy. And given that MV Agusta in financial dire straits, someone better go and buy it…unless we want to see a …!

Anyway, the point of the build was to showcase Pirelli’s latest super sport tire, known as the Diablo Rosso III, which we’re fairly certain will be seen on everything worth seeing over the next coming year. To that end, MV Agusta have given their Brutale 800 a special livery that matches the tires, and shows off the new rubber to the best of their ability.

While the Brutale remains fairly stock to the un-trained eye, it actually comes with loads of subtle features. The most obvious of these is the red color on the tubular, trellis frame that matches the new Diablo Rosso logo on the Brutale’s tank. These styling accents also feature on the front mudguard, in the under seat section, and on the tail too. You can also see that they match up nicely with the red stripes on the Brutale’s rims. The tank and font fender have also been treated with Pirelli’s trademark “thunder” motif, matching the tire’s iconic tread.

We’ve posted a few before, but for some reason they don’t seem to receive the same reactions as the , despite the fact that they’re still awesome bikes. Hopefully this awesome collaboration between two of Italy’s finest manufacturers will ignite a new passion in our readers! And if you’re still not convinced, watch the video above… It makes me want to ride an MV Agusta,  so maybe it’ll do the same to you!


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