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Introducing The Zagato/MV Agusta F4 “Z”

A little while ago, we received our first hints that and working on a special project, and now we’ve been teased a little more. The first round of teasing came in the form of two separate posts on Facebook and Twitter – but now, we’ve got a short video, a few captured pictures, and a couple of interesting details. If you’re not familiar with the Italian design house Zagato, then it might be worth checking out some of these car related posts and . They’re one of Italy’s most prestigious design offices, having worked with Aston Martin, Maserati and many other top end names. Their new partnership with MV Agusta will be the company’s first foray into the two wheeled market, and we’re already impressed.

MV Agusta’s social media pages have told us that the bike the two companies are working on will be called the F4Z. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that the new bike will be built on top of the already existing , complete with the legendary 998cc inline four engine that we already know and love. In fact, thanks to some detective work by, we know that it will share a similar engine and frame to the F4 R, complete with the cool, chromed molybdenum trellis arrangement, and the svelte aluminum side plates.

The big difference seems to be the overall aesthetic and bodywork of the MV. In the first teaser we saw, it looked more like Zagato and MV Agusta were working on a more curvaceous superbike, perhaps built around the platform. However, we’re glad to see that the F4 is the base, and the bodywork is a little more naked than we first thought, too.

Naturally, Zagato were quick to put their stamp on the overall shape, with the elegantly curved side fairings paired back to show off a little more engine, held in place with Dzus fasteners, and painted with an appealing red and silver livery. The tank has been painted to match, and it looks the part. The other big change comes in the form of the exhaust, which now exits underneath the belly of the beast, rather than at the tail.

At the front, the usual F4 diamond shaped headlamp has been scrapped in favor of a new circular headlight that has been tucked underneath a hood shaped front fairing. The new front fairing also sports a floating windscreen.

At the moment, that’s all we’ve got to go on – however, the official unveiling date is just around the corner: September 4th 2016. And we can’t wait to see the finished article.


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