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Iowa Woman Wins A One Of A Kind ’56 Bel Air!

Winning the lottery is a once in a lifetime type experience but it lacks a certain something. Without fail, the vast majority of draws just award cash which is great but not unique. How many people get the chance at a one of a kind 1955 Chevy Bel Air? Thanks to Golden Star Auto Parts, a lucky Iowa resident is taking that fantastic prize home soon.

So many people are convinced that they’ll never win that they never play. However, this isn’t the kind of attitude that leads to taking home a custom restoration project. Nancy McGowan, of Vinton, Iowa, has as boyfriend who was just one such pessimist. He refused to fill out his own entry so she put her own name down and won it for them both.

She gives her boyfriend, Melvin, credit for her being at the Danchuk Tri-Five Nationals. The Beech Bend Raceway event draws many people to Bowling Green, Kentucky. Luckily for Nancy, Melvin’s long standing car enthusiasm put them there on a fateful day. His first car cost him $79 and was a 1956 Chevy that left him always wanting another.

The prize car is a custom build by Bright, Indiana’s Woody’s Hot Rods using Golden Star parts. Last year a man approached and offered this car as the project for the 2016 giveaway. The shop kept the stock chassis but fabricated a new body in the original sheet metal. Under the hood is a 6.2L LS3 straight from the dealership. A Vortec LS Swap blower kit supercharges the output beyond the stock 430 horsepower.

From tip to tails, as many original and stock parts were sourced as possible. Non stock parts were also used as necessary in addition to genuine Chevy parts. These swaps include the air conditioning system and Cragar five spoke rims, as well as a custom steering wheel.

Woody’s handled all of the custom upholstery that went into the bucket and bench seats. Custom made interior panels wrap the colors of the seats all the way around with two toned vinyl. The dazzling green of the exterior makes its way inside through the dashboard as well as armrest highlights.

Winners of the giveaways have to wait until the conclusion of the Las Vegas SEMA Show, November 1st to 4th. That’s a small sacrifice to make when one of Woody’s Hot Rods’ creations is coming your way. 2015’s giveaway was a 1955 Chevy with this year being the amazing 2016 followup. Next year’s giveaway is promised to be a 1957 Chevy that we already know won’t disappoint. Here’s to hoping that Nancy and Marvin enjoy this year’s ’56 and that it’s even better than he remembers.


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