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Jaguar X Concept Render Leaves us Longing For a Jaguar Supercar

Could This be the Lovechild of an XJ220 and C-X750?

Published July 30, 2017

Ever since , Jaguar hasn’t had a go in the supercar world. The closest it ever came was the awesome which even starred in the most recent Bond film. While many of us were looking forward to the C-X75 as a spiritual successor to the XJ220, plans fell to the bottom drawer when Jaguar heads figured out there was more money to be made in the SUV world. Thus  and smaller E-Pace were born. So what about this Jaguar X Concept?

Jaguar X Concept

A car enthusiast who knows a thing or two about digital design did not want to leave the idea untouched. This is the Jaguar X Concept – a digitally crafted car by a Slovakian artist Ivan Venkov. Honestly, from some angles, it looks a bit like a bad teenage dream while from others, it does appear to share some proportions with the original. 

Jaguar X Concept

Now, a car like this could make a logical case considering Jaguar doesn’t currently have a hypercar or supercar in production. But of course, it wouldn’t be happening anytime soon.

The Jaguar X Concept Looks Both Familiar and Refreshingly Original

Jaguar X Concept

The Jaguar X Concept does have some styling traits we would expect to see on the XJ220’s successor. The tail lights and overall design of the upper body definitely look like a more modern take on the XJ. The teardrop design of the roof makes sense too, resulting in a low-slung hypercar-like silhouette. The name of the game, after all, is low and flow if you want to play in the same league as or .

Jaguar X Concept

We will say that the front and rear ends do have quite a bit going on, but since this is just a fan rendering, we’ll reserve judgment for a production cell.

As a refresher, the original Jaguar XJ220 managed with a 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged V6 developing 550hp, making the massive XJ220 the fastest car Jaguar ever produced. It could hit 212 mph and apparently, accelerated to 62 mph in 3.6 seconds, though some acceleration tests would pit it slightly slower than that claim. Either way, it’s an awesome and memorable car and well-deserving of this reboot.

Jaguar X Concept

As for the Jaguar X Concept, Venkov didn’t provide us with any details, so we’re just going to throw some specs at the wall and see what sticks.

If it’s going to be competitive in the hypercar market, we want to see the technology from the C-X750 come back. That monster ran a four-cylinder turbo AND supercharged engine, so we’ll saddle the X Concept with a dual-boosted inline six just for the heck of it. That’ll put us in the neighborhood of 800 hp, which we’ll combine with four independent electric motors (our version is AWD) to bring our hybrid hypercar up to 1,111 hp…make a wish, baby: the Jaguar of the future is…still not here.


Jaguar X Concept


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