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Japanese Tuner Hamana Gives the Golf R A Shot of Botox and Some Pricey Vosser Treads

Published August 27, 2016

Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of Hamana – they’re a fairly low-profile tuning company based in Japan with a unique approach to tweaking hot hatches. We can’t say we’re crazy about all their work, but the Golf R pictured here is such a cool example of the ‘retro’ hot hatch that we simply had to share it.

Japanese Tuner Hamana - Image 03

What do we mean by ‘retro’ hot hatch? Here’s the thing: hatchbacks have always been a favorite amongst tuners – car companies picked up on the trend and started producing their own hot hatches (with some success). This often results in more traditional buyers being put off and companies go back to producing tamer versions. This is a never-ending cycle and has at some points resulted in some ridiculous production, as well as modified, hatchbacks.

Japanese Tuner Hamana Gives the Golf R A Shot of Botox and Some Pricey Vosser Treads

The reason the Hamana Golf R caught our eye is because it looks like a real and proper tuned hot hatch. Hamana employs some unorthodox methods: Rather than stripping all the plastic bits and replacing them with their own design, this Japanese tuner enhances the car’s own features. By furiously welding and cutting and using copious amounts of body filler, Hamana moulded this Vdub fiery hot hatch. The impressively extended front fenders give it a decidedly evil stance.

Japanese Tuner Hamana - Image 07

Consider that all this extending and filling took place on a car that’s only 4.3 meters long, and you start to understand why we’re so impressed with these guys. To round off the hot hatch makeover the slapped on a set of Vossen Forged LC-105T wheels which just seal the deal.

This Golf looks spectacular and reminds us that modding is an art form. It’s probably worth pointing that in Japan the Golf R is limited to 276hp (in Europe, it’s 296hp), so we completely understand why they’re so committed to hotting it up.



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