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Jeremy Clarkson’s Health Scare Not Over

Pneumonia and Body Spasms Send Former Top Gear Host to Hospital

Best known here in the states for his role in hit show Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson has found his way into every gear head’s life one way or another. Most recently he has been known for his role in The Grand Tour, but even that is being questioned at this time. Recent health scares have sent not only Jeremy and his family into fight mode, but has the rest of the world standing by waiting to see if this is going to be serious or not as well. Here’s what we know so far…

On a vacation to Spain, Clarkson became very ill. He spent several days in bed suffering from several debilitating symptoms including body spasms. Eventually a doctor advised him that he needed to check into a hospital or risk the possibility of death. Taking the professional’s advice, he was admitted and it was discovered he had severe pneumonia. Left untreated, he likely would have died. Now in recovery, he is suspected to be out for another month if not longer. With weeks of recovery expected, the future of his television career is in question.

There are no doubts in our minds that Clarkson will return as soon as possible, but he and his family are taking every precaution to get this illness under control. He spoke out on Drivetime and said “It’s really, really annoying because I’ve never had one day off work since I started in 1978”. Unfortunately for the show, this is the second suddenly hospitalized host this summer that they have had to compensate for. A crash during the shooting of The Grand Tour left Richard Hammond, Clarkson’s co-host, with only minor injuries. When you see what is left of his car, you can imagine how lucky he is, and how stressed out the producers must be.

While Hammond is well on his way to recovery, Jeremy Clarkson’s time off is expected to last into October. While he expressed his dismay for the extreme boredom he experienced in the hospital, he will now face a cigarette habit and major lifestyle changes after dealing with such a heavy blow to his health. As much as he wants to be back at work, we want him back, because both shows wouldn’t be the same without him.



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