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How Fast Can A Jet Powered Drag Bike Do The Quarter Mile?

Watch this jet powered drag bike smash the quarter mile in 5.232 seconds.

Just how fast can a jet powered drag bike smash down a quarter mile? Pretty damn fast, as it turns out in this awesome video. Watching a rider hit their top speed on the drag strip is one of the most fantastic things you can watch and hear. To those who know nothing about drag racing, they think it’s a simple matter of just twisting the throttle and giving it some. That is definitely not the case. The course might be flat, the strip might be straight, but there’s a serious art to riding at full throttle. For a start, you need lightning fast reflexes. Next, you need to be able to shift with incredible accuracy. There’s more, but the most important ingredient is this: you need enormous balls. And that’s the for a conventional internal combustion engine machine…

This Jet Powered Drag Bike Is Too Damn Fast

So what sort of skills do you need to ride a jet powered drag bike? God only knows. But we’ve got some footage here that was shot at the Santa Pod Raceway in the UK from a few years back. It shows rider Eric Teboul launch his insane jet powered drag bike down the track, reaching a top speed of just under the 250 mph mark. If you want to watch a true athlete post a record breaking time, then hit the play button on the video below. 249 mph in a quarter mile, completing the sprint in an incredible 5.232 seconds. Yeah, five point two three two seconds. Which is just insane.

Alright, we’ll accept that the intro was a little long. However, it was worth the wait just to hear that thing scream off the line. Riding that thing must’ve been a seriously scary thing, the sort of feeling that can only be compared to whatever Alan Shepard must have felt aboard the Freedom 7 back in 1961. Because that jet powered racer is nothing short of a rocket. So, who else is going to fit a hydrogen peroxide fueled jet engine between a set of wheels and give this a go? No one? Didn’t think so.


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