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Want To Own John Lennon’s Honda Z50 Monkey Bike!?

John Lennon’s Honda Z50 Monkey Bike Is Going To Auction – With An Estimate Of $40k!

That’s right, John Lennon’s is up for auction, and if you want to own this incredible piece of Beatles memorabilia and rare motorcycle relic, then all you have to do is take part in an auction and pray that it sells for much less than the estimate of $40,000. You might be thinking that forty grand might be a little over the top for a Monkey Bike, but you just wait until the auctions over – because people will literally pay good money for old rope, John Lennon’s or otherwise.

Who Wants John Lennon’s Honda Monkey Bike?

According to the current vendor H and H Classics, this little Honda Z50 was once owned by John Lennon who used to zip around his Tittenhurst Park estate while he lived there between 1969 and 1971. Before leaving for the USA, Lennon reportedly sold the Honda to a Henry Graham, who then sold it to a man by the name of John Harington, who was an avid collector that frequently displayed the bike at motorcycle shows and other events. However, it has also been reported that the little Honda was given to Ringo Starr as a present back in ’71, and that it went on to be sold at auction in 2008 for around $48,000.

Yeah, so there’s a chance that this one isn’t legit, or that the poor fellow that paid $48k for the previously auctioned Z50 was completely ripped off and bought a regular old Z50 with no Beatles affiliation at all. Either way, it’s a lot of money for a tiny motorcycle – but that’s how it goes when an item has a celebrity name attached to it. Now, a John Lennon owned guitar…that’s a different story.

Anyway, back to the Monkey Bike – the one going to auction reportedly comes with an extensive history file, an official log book, full tax receipts and a genuine Honda dating letter – on top of that, it’s said to be in full working order, with a matching frame and engine number too. Even with all that, $40,000 seems like an awful lot of money for a motorcycle that you’ll either never ride because it was John Lennons, or you’ll never ride because it’s a tiny Honda with very little practical application in the modern world.

If you are interested in this (possibly) one-of-a-kind motorcycle, then put March 4th 2018 in your diary, dust off your bdding paddles, and get over to the National Motorcycle Museum in Solihull in the United Kingdom.


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