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Unlucky Rider! Watch This Kawasaki H2 Engine Blow Up At 188 MPH!

This Racer Gets A Fright When His Modded Kawasaki H2 Engine Fails At High Speed!

When you’re a drag racer you’ve got to have nerves of steel – not just to deal with the speed either, because imagine the cost of this guy’s repair bill… engine rebuilds can’t be cheap. That’s right – what we have here is a video of a particularly unfortunate incident where a racer manages to blow his whilst hammering down the straight at the Loring Mile Harvest drag racing event in Maine. As you can see in the pictures below, it was a particularly brutal blow, with a full on puncture wound in the engine from a thrown con-rod.

That’ll Be One New Kawasaki H2 Engine, Please.

Amazingly, the rider managed to walk away from this one completely unhurt. After the engine decided to spill its guts, the racer was able to bring the heavily modded supercharged beast to a stop. The rider deserves full marks for keeping the thing upright throughout the whole sage, but he also earns massive respect points for being remarkably cool about the whole thing. Think about it – that’s a Kawasaki Ninja H2 engine going up in smoke there. And a modded one at that, which no doubt voids the manufacturer’s warranty.

Naysayers may doubt the high speed claims, especially since the sun glare makes it impossible to read the speedo, but as you can see in one BoostedH2’s earlier runs, he’s more than capable of pushing that motorcycle to speeds of over 230 mph. Even so, it’s still a scary experience and the engine blowing out at 188 mph rather than 230 mph doesn’t dilute the fear factor at all. We don’t get to see the engine actually blowing, but we do get to experience the horrible shudder from the rider’s POV. “She done,” BoostedH2 says. “She done,” indeed.

Despite how horrible it must be to watch your pride and joy, your faithful racing companion and the product of hundreds of your own man hours literally sh*t itself in front of your very eyes, our intrepid race has put a positive spin on it all and seems to be looking forward to the rebuild…and promises that next year it his Kawasaki H2 engine will perform even better than before. And we believe it.


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