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Knockoff Wranglers Coming from China

Who Needs Patent Laws Anyway

We know dealing with China and their products can be vain, but when they try and steel the Jeep Wrangler, they have simply gone too far. Now available in some world markets is the Beijing Auto BJ40, and it is a complete and utter fake. With that being said, it still has a tremendous amount of the same features as America’s beloved Jeep Wrangler. As far as power is concerned, it’s hanging in there with 143 horsepower.

The closest BAIC BJ40 model to the United States was located in a Mexican dealership recently. Even so, there is still no chance of bringing in or registering one here in America. At the price of smuggling in a car that will draw plenty of attention, there really isn’t a market for them in the US. FCA, the newest owners of Jeep, surely have their eyes on the situation, and surely it upsets them. To make things worse, the asking prices are almost identical. The price of the BAIC comes to an impressive $531,900 Mexican pesos, or around $33,000 U.S. Dollars. New base model Jeep Wranglers go for around $35,000 USD right now. If that isn’t a low blow to Jeep and the FCA, I’m not sure what is.

Similar in both vehicles is the base models’ power and torque. The BJ40 even boasts having military grade components and designs. From the removable top, to the gas cap, to the fenders, air vents, and handles, there is very little about the BJ40 that does not resemble a Jeep. The front bumper on the BJ40 does only have 5 slots in the front grill instead of Jeep’s 7, as if that would be a deal breaker for you. If you can look past that, and the fact it’s not actually a Jeep at all, your basically buying the same thing.

It would appear for now that the company seems to be getting away with it, but good luck getting one into the US. It’s a mystery as to why anyone would want a knockoff that’s the same price as the original design from a trusted manufacturer. Either way, someone finally found another way to make money off of the Jeep name and legacy. While the Beijing Auto BJ40 may be comparable by some stats, I think we can agree to stick with the original for now.

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Calvin Escobar
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The Car scene is so diverse Where I come from, most enthusiasts recognize the amazing engineering (particularly the engines). The bulk of the ridicule originates from the manner in which many of the vehicles are modded/maintained. Thus, the jokes and or hate tends to be aimed more at the owner rather than the machine. All of which makes seeing properly sorted old Toyota's and Hondas at car meets, auto shows, and track days all the more refreshing.

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