KTM RC390 Coming To America – Analyzing The Current Market

Published February 13, 2015

Some people may find it unusual, but unexpected combinations and ideas will most likely draw a lot of attention if they are properly planned and considered. For example, you do not always see a racing motorcycle producer to get together with an Indian factory in order to get to America, yet it might happen. KTM calls this idea RC390. Basically, the new concept is based on KTM’s 390 Duke model, which is known for being very lightweight, advanced and inexpensive. At the same time, the result will successfully join the entry level segment in the United States of America, facing tough competitors like CBR500R from Honda and Ninja 300 from Kawasaki. KTM RC390 coming to America was probably one of the best rumors for motorcycling enthusiasts in 2013 and fortunately for them, it will actually become reality.

The new KTM RC390 coming to America became available in 2014, but it will get over the ocean in 2015 only. It has tackled a specific segment that was often overlooked. Basically, this motorcycle came as a reply to a demand. People wanted high quality and inexpensive sporty motorcycles, so this is what this model is about. Most predictions were correct. Most fans knew that 390 Duke was planned for the American market, so they expected the RC390 model to join the market too. As for the costs, the actual surprise was not the most pleasant one. Those who compared costs around the European market knew that the Ninja 300 monster from Kawasaki was more expensive than the 390 Duke in Europe, so they expected the new RC390 to be in the same range. Unfortunately for them, it came to life at a slightly higher cost. Basically, you will have to pull around $6,500 for it.

Comparing KTM RC390 with other models can be a little challenging. While it does come in the same sector with models from Kawasaki and Honda, the truth is that there are plenty of differences between them. Practically, 390 Duke weighs a little more than 300 pounds. The 43HP standards add to a fairly good ratio. On the other hand, Ninja 300 might be a good bike, but it does not have the DNA of a racing bike. It weighs close to 400 pounds, but it also produces less power. At the same time, CBR500R and its alternatives might be some of the best motorcycles ever produced by Honda, but they are quite heavy. They weigh more than 400 pounds, while they have slightly more power than KTM RC390. In simple words, it feels like having an extra passenger who will never get off your motorcycle.

KTM RC390 coming to America also underlines a different styling concept, which also includes Gerald Kiska fairing. The racing version is even lighter (286 pounds), yet it also has slightly less power. The engine is similar to the one in 390 Duke. After all, it is a lot easier to certify one engine in the United States of America for being street legal than dealing with two of them. A few other features include ABS, LED lights, aluminum wheels and swing arm.



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