Lamborghini Terzo Millennio Concept Reimagined With Four New Looks

The Terzo MIllennio also gets three more color treatments

Published January 2, 2018

The Lamborghini Terzo MIllennio is a concept car currently in the works as a high performance EV. With plans to get around current battery tech with supercapacitors, we know it will have serious speed. Even though exotic cars fans will compare it to tuned up combustion driven Lambos, it’s growing on us. However, being an upcoming concept, the Terzo MIllennio has only been seen in the company’s release.

Winter Camo for the Terzo MIllennio

Here we see the talents of a digital artist, MF Car Design, on display to reimagine the unseen car. The most noticeable among the new color pallets given to the car, the winter camo stands out the most. There’s just something about the shape of the Terzo MIllennio that works so well with white, grey, and black.

The Terzo MIllennio in a Tron Themed Wrap

Since the car features a look well beyond the current idea of futuristic design, it brings other ideas to mind. For science fiction movie lovers of the 80s, what better way to accentuate the car than with a Tron like theme? The combination of a flat black with a rather subtle light blue outline throws us right back to the classic movie. We would love to see Jeff Bridges ditch the light cycle and grab this version of the Terzo MIllennio to run down the MCP.

The Artist’s Favorite Color Scheme for the Terzo MIllennio

We all have a certain mix of main colors and accents that we think works best on vehicles. Myself, I’ve always favored a crisp white with green accents and minor black trim work. For MF Car Design, the right mix is forest green dominating the vehicle with black accents and a little orange for balance. Personally, I need to see this one in bright light to decide if it calls enough attention to the Terzo MIllennio.

Last but not least we have the yellow and black theme that just screams high end exotic to us. With this last one, we leave it to you to decide which design you’d rather see. Are any of these reimaginings of the Terzo MIllennio paint scheme hitting the mark for you? Let us know in the comments below as well as checking out MF Car Designs on Instagram.


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