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Lotus Evora 400 Carbon Pack Is 20 Grand More Of Not A Lot

In an effort to enchant buyers and offer something new, Lotus is revealing of the Evora 400. It is a nice car, no question there, but buyers nowadays need and want something more than just a car powered by an engine from . Now, they are apparently getting something better, but for quite a steep price. This is an all new Carbon Pack which further sheds the weight of the Evora. It also sheds the weight of the buyer’s wallet – by 20 grand.


Now, considering that 20 grand can get you a small sedan and it is only 10 grand less than the Camry with basically the same engine as in the Evora (not turbocharged), this thing has to be something special. A Norwich-based company created an all new carbon pack for it. This includes the front splitter, roof, center portion of the rear wing, part of the rear diffuser, mirror caps, and the front access panel. Everything is carbon fiber and it is exposed. Quite nice really! Lightweight body parts, however, do not add up to a whole lot of weight saving. You are looking here at 11 pounds less compared to the stock car.


Other improvements for the money include an impressive Titanium exhaust and a lithium-ion battery. These additionally shed some weight, but nowhere near as much to justify the 20 grand premium.


Apart from slightly better sounding engine and a bit less weight (Lotus also offer rear seat and Air-con removal for no extra cost), the Evora 400 Carbon Pack is also a bit nicer to look at. It definitely is considering the age of the car. Interestingly, all the parts here are not new. Lotus simply offered all the stuff they install on the 410 Sport as stock. We do not have anything against this, but all of us expected something more from them, did not we!?


Despite the opportunity to choose separate parts and buy them regardless of the Carbon Pack, we have to say that the Lotus Evora 400 is quite a peculiar creation. Its Toyota-sourced engine is supercharged to 400hp and it can launch the sub 3,000 lbs car to 62 mph in 4,2 seconds and make it go 186 mph. Plenty enough.


So, if you were in the market for an Evora, would you rather visit some aftermarket tuner and tune it up, or go for this expensive Carbon Pack?


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