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Made in America Cars. There are Only 8 for 2016

These Are The Most American Cars You Can Buy

Every year kicks us in the teeth with what’s become automobile industry’s reality. Modern globalization trends have allowed much more maneuverability to the car manufacturers. For decades now, they’ve been able to control their gains and losses by moving parts or even entire manufacturing facilities abroad where production is usually much cheaper. Things went so far that the Congress had to pass the American Automobile Labeling Act back in 1994. The AALA defines the American-made car term. In order for it to earn the “Made in America” label, a car needs to contain at least 75% of its parts made either in the US or Canada.

So, why would the list of American-made cars be a kick in the teeth? Because there’s only 8 such cars for the 2016 model year. Before you start do despair, this is actually an improvement over the 2015 year models when there were only 7 American-made cars.Still, it’s quite a downgrade compared to previous years when there were never less than 10 vehicles with 75% domestic parts. Heck, there were almost 30 of them back in 2010.

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Not only that these eight last Mohicans are listed, but they are also rated by the number of assembly plant jobs they support. It’s easy to figure out that production drives employment, hence models produced in higher quantities support the most assembly-plant jobs. In other words, those models top the list of American-made cars.

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Assembly-plant jobs aren’t the only jobs these models drive, though. Dealers, suppliers, etc – they all benefit from car manufacturing industry, but stops here and only takes direct employment at the assembly plant into consideration. Furthermore, they relate the employment to the sales figures instead of production numbers. Take a look at the only eight vehicles which earn the “Made in America” label according to regulations. Click Next to view our list

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