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Man Arrested for Insurance Fraud After Colliding with 22 Vehicles Over 5 Years

A Utah man was sentenced to four months in jail after committing 22 counts of insurance fraud by intentionally running into other vehicles.

We all probably know one of those guys that’s a hustler and always seems to make money (hardly in a legit manner), but that never knows when to quit while they’re ahead.  Well, today’s a day to celebrate one of these scammers whose luck finally ran out!  A man in Salt Lake City has been busted after committing a ridiculous number of insurance fraud scams over the last five years.

A 37 year old man from Utah caught the attention of insurance and criminal investigators after noticing that he had been in countless accidents over the course of the last five years.  David Monjazeb, from Salt Lake City, Utah had done what we all had probably wanted to in our days of driving, but never did – he repeatedly ran his car into other cars driving in front of him that were merging into his lane.  Monjazeb reportedly accelerated his Saab 9-3, Audi A4, or Toyota Prius as the other drivers were merging into his lane, striking the rear of their vehicles with his front bumper.

After intentionally colliding with the other driver, Monjazeb would then claim that they were at fault (not him) because they merged into his lane without looking.  He would typically ask the drivers for cash so that he could fix his vehicle and often had the other driver sign a waiver admitting fault of the accident (which seems like a huge red flag).  However, he would usually ask for low sums of money to try to avoid any involvement with authorities.  He would also try to keep the damage at a minimum to keep from getting police involved too.

Although Monjazeb tried to avoid dealing with insurance companies, there were times that he did have to deal with the pesky insurance claims.  There were several reports, in these instances, where Monjazeb would send in photos of his damaged vehicle that were much worse than the other party had claimed that they were (we know now that they were most likely images from a previous wreck).  It was also discovered that Monjezeb had forged several documents claiming that the auto body damage had been repaired when it had not actually been serviced.

Over the course of Monjazeb’s 5-years of scams, he had collided with 22 vehicles and had received a total of $55,926.  After unraveling the details of the scams, was arrested and sentenced to four months in jail and ordered to pay restitution.

Unfortunately, all of us are ultimately the people that end up paying for frauds like Monjazeb’s fraudulent crimes.  If I were the judge, I would have thrown the book at him and made sure that he’s never allowed to get behind the wheel again in his life.  Not only has he scammed tons of insurance companies and stolen money out of our pockets, but he also has put numerous drivers’ lives at risk while doing so.

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