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Man Gives His Left Nut for a Nissan 370Z

So, would you give your left nut for a new 370Z? This nutjob would!

Well, if this headline doesn’t get your attention, you’re not alive.  Growing up, all of us men have probably overused the saying “I’d give my left nut for that baseball card” or “for that McLaren P1”, but we used it as an expression – not literally.  However, a man in Austrailia is literally selling one of his baby makers, which he says he intends to buy a Nissan 370Z with.

Recently, Mark Parisi appeared on “The Doctors”, a popular Australian TV show, talking about how he intended to sell one of his testicles, which yields approximately $35,000.  Apparently, this is he almost exact price of the 2018 Nissan 370Z.  The TV show guest stated how much he’s always liked the Nissan 370Z and how serious of a car it was (also saying that it was for serious drivers).  To an extent, Parisi has a point.  The 370Z does has some impressive stats considering it’s affordability.

Parisi, who has received the nickname “Nut Job” by some, said that he originally planned on selling his nut to TLC’s Extreme Cheapskates show, but after appearing on “The Doctors” TV show, and receiving alternative suggestions, he would be selling it to a medical research organization.

Unfortunately, Parisi didn’t get into the details of his sexual life.  We were curious to hear if he is single, married, or if he actually gets any use out of this nut-for-barter (or if he intends to in the future).  If he was happily married, it may be a decent investment.  However, if he’s buying the 370Z to try to get with chicks, he may want to think of what their possibly reactions will be after he drops his pants.  At any rate, it’s nice to know that if you’re in a serious pinch and need $30,000 – $70,000, that the answers to your problems may lie in between your legs!





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