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Mansory Ferrari 488 At SEMA 2017 Is All Kinds Of Awesome

Carbon-fiber everything, but in red

Published November 22, 2017

Mansory has always been all kinds of insane. Their employees sometimes go so mad that they reimagine supercar exteriors in . Of course, the Arab sheiks bought a lot of these sleek examples. Now, though, Mansory got their hands on a Ferrari 488 and turned it into something rather special.

Mansory Ferrari 488 GTB Front 3/4

For their latest work, actually done in cooperation with the Creative Bespoke of Scottsdale, Arizona, the German high-end tuner crafted an intricate design for . The car manages with the Mansory 4xx Siracusa package brilliantly applied to the exterior of the Maranello beast. Now, the package isn’t anything new in particular. We have seen it before, but the car itself gained some new details such as new Forgiato’s 24.T rims. Black pieces with red accents gave the 488 a bit of a different vibe compared to what we have seen before in the works.

The Mansory Ferrari 488 is Surprisingly Tasteful

Considering some of the previous Mansory works, this particular Ferrari 488 doesn’t even seem that ostentatious. It’s decent. Different for sure, but decent. Not too kitschy by any means. It’s all thanks to Creative Bespoke whose designers did not have any intentions of overdoing it. At all. Do not think for a second that this is not a fantastic piece of machinery though. Carbon fiber is still the material of choice for this car. Fenders, bonnet, rear diffuser, inspired rear wings and rear covers are all made of it.

Mansory Ferrari 488 GTB Rear 3/4

More importantly, this is the first Mansory car ever made in the US. That is what makes it so special to appear at the SEMA 2017. Apart from its spectacular looks, of course.

Mansory Ferrari 488 GTB Profile

Ferrari was not at the front spot exactly. After all, getting noticed standing next to 20 extreme Fords, 40 insane Chevys, and so many fabulous restomods is not an easy task. Still, the surprising and sensual design absolutely stands out from the crowd and will likely be heralded as one of the best Mansory designs to date.

Mansory Ferrari 488 GTB Rear Quarter Mansory Ferrari 488 GTB Rear Quarter Front View


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