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Meet The Newest Futuristic Model Of Polaris Slingshot

Published March 1, 2015

Nowadays, there are different cars that tend to look like futuristic pieces of art. This is also the case of the new 2015 Polaris slingshot that is about to popular in the large market. But it is more important to know the different details that can make this car such a special one for the needs of any person who wants to be in trend with futuristic products. Below you can find the best details about these cars.

The Polaris slingshot will have three wheels. It is quite associated with a transformer because it looks both like a car and like a motorcycle. This car is innovative with the help of the Electronic Stability Program also knows as ESP. Among other features, you can also have the traction one or the ABS one.

These features will make sure that you can have the right adrenaline and adventure spirit you have always wanted to have. The propulsion of this car will come from 2.4 liters. If you want to have a sports car but on the same time a quite simple one for sure the 2015 Polaris slingshot will accomplish all these needs for you. The interior also has some of the best details such as a 4.3 inch LCD screen. The seating is waterproof, and they also have storage beans behind just to make sure that you will always keep your car in a clean way. These bins will be enough for you to place a helmet or a regular backpack. The seatbelts are quite secure for the ride to be the right one all the time.

In addition, the horsepower of the car will be around 173 at 6.200 rpm. Even though, it does not look that this car has the right performance, you have to know that its shape and lightness will include more speed for your needs. The transmission is based on a five speed control. The torque can include 166 LB-FT at 4700 rpm. The fuel capacity will be enough to have long rides all the time. The capacity can include no more than 9.8 gallons. The suspensions and breaks are quite secure when it comes about Polaris slingshot. The 18 inch wheels will provide tractionon the front. When it comes to the back of the car, any person can get the chance to use the 20 inch wheels. The tires are designed from Kenda. There are a lot of other options regarding this type of car, and there is no doubt about the fact that the price of it will depend more on these aspects.

Now that you know more about the details you can consider for this futuristic car for sure you can purchase it. You can also follow the information from the official web page in order to find out the release of this next car. In this way, it will be much easier to have a safe and good looking car that will also include the right adrenaline for people who have more adventurous spirit.



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