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Mehmet Doruk Erdem’s Incredible BMW “Typhoon” Concept

Once again, Turkish designer Mehmet Doruk Erdem has astounded us with a fantastic BMW concept. This one goes by the name of “Typhoon” but unlike many of his recent BMW concepts, this one takes its inspiration from nature, rather than from futuristic city-scapes… Now, before we get started taking a closer look at Mehmet’s new concept, we should all take a moment to applaud his level of effort: his design output over the last year has been incredible, almost to the tune of one brand new and innovative concept every month. That’s a great effort…!

The inspiration behind the Typhoon is a familiar face in the motorcycle design industry. Like the , this turbo charged BMW takes its inspiration from the peregrine falcon. As you can see by the front end of the bike, the bodywork is definitely styled to match the head of the world’s fastest bird. While the front might be the defining feature of the concept, it’s the exposed turbo engine that grabs our attention the most. There’s something rather ferocious about a naked bike, and this particular design ticks a lot of boxes.

Like many of , it does come with his signature futuristic flourishes, such as the beautifully designed monocoque tank and seat, the embedded handlebars, and the large rear tire. The wood details on the side of the bike are a nice touch too.

So what do you guys think of this one? The most that we’ve shared from Mehmet have been well received. Does this one follow suit? Or is it a bit too outlandish? Let us know!


Joe Appleton
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