Mid Engined Corvette C8 Spotted At McDonalds In Its Preproduction form

Only Days Ago Corvette C8 Spotted Testing With the 911 Turbo S

Published October 22, 2017

It is bound to happen. And I am happy about it. Finally, the US will have a proper mid-engined sports car – Corvette C8. One that could possibly match the exclusivity or the ratchetness of , but for far less money. Sure, the is awesome as well. But that price? 

mid engined Corvette C8

It seems that this may be the first proper look at the mid-engine Corvette ever. And she is passing through the McDonald’s drive-in. Can’t have anything more American, can you?

First proper American supercar? The Corvette C8

Information about aren’t exactly plentiful. Yet, we do know the car is bound to hop on the production line for 2019, with the first real-world introduction will be at the 2018 Detroit Motor Show. First pictures of the heavily camouflaged mid-engined Corvette come from Cadillac, Michigan by Jake Vandermoon who published them on Facebook.

mid engined Corvette C8

While it is hard to notice major changes we can expect that, compared with the car of today, the new Corvette with the centrally positioned engine to have a bit longer rear end shorter front bonnet – or whatever that is right now. Furthermore, the car seems lower and wider certainly complementing the class it’s entering. And that is the class with , , and other similar monsters.

mid engined Corvette C8

Now, the new mid-engined Corvette will be more expensive compared with . No one exactly knows by how much though.

All the features I can clearly see on the new Corvette point me into one direction – this is a near-production-ready prototype. The ducts are there, lights, side mirrors, and quad exhaust are all there gracing the body. Nevertheless, GM still did not disclose any data about the engine strapped to the back. Chevrolet began its teasing campaign with the Corvette Zora ZR1 rumors back in 2014. That means the car has been in development for quite some time.

LT5 V8 For The mid-engined Corvette C8?

Aside from voyeuring all over McDonalds, only days before the latest sighting, three Corvette C8 cars were spotted testing on the rods with . Considering the 911 Turbo S is a $200,000 car which can do 60 in (some claim) 2.5 seconds, seeing the new ‘Vette C8 compared with it is what GM needs right now.

mid engined Corvette C8

Our friends from Road and Track shoot Corvette C8 testing with the 911 Turbo S

Will it be faster?

Will it be more expensive?

What engine shall it use?

Will they lower the weight compared with the classic ‘Vette?

All these questions remain unanswered, but I can bet Corvette will integrate a new DOHC LT5 V8 here. It has to. No twin-turbocharging stuff yet, hopefully.


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