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Modded Wrangler Takes on Impossible Descent

Disengage Your Tilt Sensors, This Thing’s Unreal

Driving up the Sand Hallow Chute in Hurricane, Utah, is a popular feat that puts all off-road and rock-climbing builds to the ultimate test. However, one Jeep owner, in particular, decided they could take it to a whole other level by going down the chute instead of up it. Any sliding or loss of traction, a “trip”, or simply tipping over could have completely destroyed this rock-crawling Wrangler. The entire descent took just under a minute, and it appears the driver had ultimate control the entire time. Keep your downhill descent programming, nothing is better than an experienced driver!

The heart-pounding, nearly vertical, impossible in most vehicles descent was accomplished with a custom build from Agility Customs. The Utah-based company is well known for incredible modifications and specializes in all off-road options. It comes as no surprise that they would be the ones to squash this obstacle and leave others far behind.

Beyond building a Jeep capable of anything, you must give credit to the driver. Imagine the seat belt holding all of your weight while you’re looking directly down at the ground, not being able to see the details of the rock below you (not in front of you, BELOW you) and feeling the sensation of defying gravity like a fly on the wall. If you can keep calm and in control in such a situation, you might just end up with all the bragging rights you could dream of.

The driver makes quick work of the descent while the Wrangler makes it look deceptively easy. While this particular run gave no cause for concern, please use caution whenever you attempt anything even remotely as crazy as this. After all, you probably won’t be doing it in a vehicle that was all but tailor-made for the scenario.


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