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A Modern Take on the Ford Mustero

See the Ranchero’s Bastard Child in all Its Glory

Back in the mid-60s, the Ford Mustang was the sporty coupe everyone was after, and with over 2 million units produced from 1964 to 1973, it seemed like everyone who wanted one,  got one. The Mustang saw huge success both at home and abroad, and generated quite a bit of interest in Europe and Australia.

Such is the case with the ever popular Scion FR-S (RIP) when you have such a popular and common car, the only way to stand out in the crowd is to customize your ride. Among various modified Mustangs and popular builds, there was one particularly interesting variation we’d like to bring your attention to:

The Mustero is the strange and unholy union of a Mustang and Ranchero with a price point high enough to ensure less than 50 examples were ever made.

Fast forward 50 years and now we have the new Mustero, or at least, a rendering of a modern-day Mustang truck, which low-key doesn’t look half bad. This render is the brain-child of , the Estonian digital designer who previously brought us the and countless other memorable designs.

The design of the new-age Mustero reminds us of Australia’s obsession with the Ute, a popular class of pickup trucks based on the platforms of regular sedans. While there definitely could be a market for a pony car with a bigger trunk and the practicality of a truck, we’re more interested in seeing how the traditional Mustang crowd will react to this unique design. At the very least you have to admit, it is pretty well done.



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