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Moto Repellent: How Your Motorcycle Could Save Lives!

A great new innovation in Thailand is aimed at killing off mosquitos and mosquito borne diseases, by the simple application of an exhaust modification. With the constant rise in threats like the Zika virus and Dengue fever, perhaps a simple change to your ride could end up saving lives?

This idea has come to us from the Thai division of the advertising agency BBDO, who are working in partnership with the local Thai charity Duang Prateep to promote their latest mosquito whacking invention, named the Moto Repellent. It’s a pretty simple device, a small citronella filled can that clamps on to the end of your exhaust, and keeps mosquitos away within a three meter radius.

And while citronella probably isn’t the best thing to put on the business end of your exhaust pipe, it seems to be working. Perhaps the Thai authorities are thinking that the odd explosion is a small price to pay in the fight against mosquito related diseases, which can infect up to 500 million plus, every year.

If it works, or if a safer alternative can be found, this is just one small way that riding around on two wheels can help save lives. So, we support it. Even if it is a little odd.


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