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Motorcycle Cop Shoots Out Suspects Tires While Riding

Published July 12, 2015

Don’t mess with biker cops in South Africa. This dude is seriously bad-ass.

Intelligence Bureau SA posted the video to their own Facebook page,  hailing officer Joe Soap for his acts. The video features Joe the motorcycle cop wearing a helmet cam that records the high speed chase.

The suspect’s car weaves through traffic, and officers strategize on the radio about how to bring the dangerous pursuit to an end. Near the end of the video, you see multiple police vehicles surround the suspect’s car and box him in, effectively slowing the chase to a crawl. Now it gets interesting.

Joe pulls out his firearm, and waves to the other chase vehicles to give him some space. He squeezes off a handful of shots, looking to shoot out the tires on the suspect’s vehicle. That finally brings the pursuit to an end.

Officer Joe is definitely bad-ass. He grips the gun in typical gangsta sideways fashion when he waves off the other officers. He manages to accurately shoot out a car’s tires while in motion. All the while, he’s still maintaining control of his motorcycle one-handed, even on deceleration.

If all motorcycle cops in South Africa are this nuts, they must have an incredibly low crime rate.



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