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Watch The New York Motorcycle Cops In Training! It’s Tough! (Video)

This is what a rider has to go through to join the motorcycle cops…

Published July 15, 2017

After watching this video, you’ll completely re-evaluate your opinion of motorcycle cops and their sheer level of skill. That being said, if you’ve ever had the experience of being pulled over by a motorcycle cop, you’ll know that they’re pretty damn awesome anyway – if you’ve gone through the effort of training to become one, you’re probably pretty in to motorcycling…so they know what it’s like to misbehave a little on their days off too. But if you’ve been easily taken in by how they’re portrayed in the media, this will change your mind about them. It takes a lot of effort, a lot skill, and a lot of patience to become a motorcycle cop – and this video will give you a taste of their training. If you thought weaving through a set of cones on your nimble sportsbike was tricky…imagine having to do it on one of these Harley-Davidson baggers instead!

It Takes A Lot To Join The Motorcycle Cops!

And that’s how this video starts. We’ve got New York City’s rookie motorcycle cops and the video takes us through some of the exercises they have to complete before they’re allowed out onto the streets to enforce those laws. It begins with the obvious: an obstacle course, with the riders having to navigate sharp turns, perform intricate maneuvers, and take evasive action around unusual obstacles. Quick swerves and quick thinking are everyday things for a motorcycle mounted police officer, so getting these basics down from day one is essential. As you can see, there are a few spills and minor scrapes happening – but that’s the best way to learn… Trust me!

Taking that Harley Davidson around a tight obstacle course was the easy part, believe it or not – because the next part of the video sees the new recruits taking their baggers for a nice bit of bush whacking through the woods. Harley Davidsons aren’t exactly the best suited to this environment, so you’ve got to hand it to the riders for taking it all in their stride. Again, there are a couple of little spills, but come on…riding baggers off-road through the woods? Unless you’re professional HD stunt riders, a couple aof minor crashes are more than acceptable.

At the end of the video, we’re treated to a bizarre scene where the camera man goes around firing off silly string at the recruits. We’re not entirely sure what the point of this exactly is – maybe to show off how light-hearted the motorcycle cops are? We reckon it’s more to show off how calm they’re trained to be when someone behaves like a dick around them…because when you’re working traffic, you’re definitely going to encounter a fair few idiots who try and get up in your face and provoke you… We’re probably wrong about that last bit, but we hope it’s true. Anyway, enjoy the video – and treat those motorcycle cops with the respect they deserve. It takes a lot of training to get there, and come on…they get to ride bikes all day, every day. Not a bad gig, huh?


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