New 2016 Nissan Titan Packs V8 Engine To Regain Market Share

Updated December 10, 2014

The auto industry is abuzz with news about the launch of the new 2016 Nissan Titan at next year’s Detroit Auto Show. The new generation full-sized pickup truck has made headlines before, but had since been almost forgotten, until this new revelation came about.


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What makes it rule the headlines?

But why is the 2016 Nissan pickup that special? Because it is supposed to feature a unique Cummins 5.0-liter turbocharged diesel V8 engine, only previously seen in the popular . This is great and exciting news for both Nissan and the truck, since the new model is expected to finally make the Titan a market contender and erase the dismal sales of its predecessor from consumers’ memories.


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The V8 gasoline engine is something really significant to look forward to

Aside from this new motor, which is supposed to be powerful, running at 300 horsepower, as well as fuel efficient, at 26 miles per gallon, the new Titan, which will still have to wait about another full year before making its official debut is also supposed to have a V8 gasoline engine option and a V6 option, which have already been featured previously, but will be welcome additions to a truck whose main fault was a lack of engine options for different purposes, as well as a much awaited redesign, including several body options.

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A consider amount of redesigning is expected

Unfortunately, , which isn’t ideal. One thing is for sure though: if Nissan are aiming at fuel efficiency, this new truck will inevitably have to be lighter than the first generation Nissan Titan. How they’ll manage that, however, is still a mystery.

As far as cabs go, the Nissan Titan 2016 should offer crew and extended cabs at first, and then a regular, traditional cab later, after release. Inside the bigger cabs, the interior is also set to be redesigned, to offer new Titan owners better, more durable materials than in the previous model. Also, the luxe leather interior is supposed to be complemented by a new high tech dashboard with several useful devices and applications included.

Apart from the design changes, which are supposed to give the truck a better, more attractive, smoother look, the new 2016 Titan is likely to have a bigger grille, among other redesigned features.

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The much awaited V8 engine!

Although the redesign is certainly welcome, the new engine, which is supposed to bring much needed powertrains to the Nissan full-size half ton, is the biggest attraction of the 2016 Titan. While the V6 engine is certainly wanted and needed, the V8 should be the first to come out with the new release, packing the impressive 300hp and 00 lb-ft of peak torque,



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