New cars 2014 we can’t wait to get our hands on

Published April 22, 2013

The automobile industry and market are one of the most active ones in the world. Trains, ships and other similar fields are more inert and can’t be compared with the number of different models that car manufacturers produce in every single year. That actually isn’t anything surprising – a great part of mankind is using automobiles for personal transportation and their importance can’t be measured with any kind of machine in existence. Even more important is the fact that a large part of drivers are changing their vehicles every few years. The old cars get, well, old and the newer and better iterations are released to the market. The performance isn’t the only thing that lures us – attractive design and new features also play a significant role when choosing your newest ride. This is probably the main reason why everyone is interested in new cars 2014. People like to plan ahead and in most cases the future owner already knows what kind of car they need and what amount of money can they spend on it. That is precisely the reason we are writing this article that is dedicated to all the cars 2014. If you want to know more about this subject be sure to read the following paragraphs.

What can we expect from cars 2014

Anyone who is following the automobile industry knows that things aren’t perfect or even smooth currently. Many of those manufacturers are having all kinds of financial problems because of the latest financial crisis and that isn’t anything surprising if you look at it we a logical mind set – people don’t have money even for mortgages so they certainly don’t have any money for new cars. Still, not everyone is in the same situation and some of you want to see something new. Sure, some of these brands will either die out or will be integrated into some other brand but there won’t be any lack of new cars 2014. It is expected to see updates for already existing models but there will be some completely new things as well. Experts are predicting that the number of hybrid models is going to increase and that is to be expected. Interesting things are going to happen in that year and cars 2014 will prove that.

Manufacturers of new cars 2014

Well known companies like Mercedes-Benz, Honda and Ford fall into the group that is going to add different and new variants of already preexisting models. South Korean Kia is one of those companies that will provide us with new cars 2014. New Sorento is going to try to become the most economical three-row vehicle ones again. Many other companies are planning of releasing updated models as well but the prototypes that spark our imagination are the real deal. More on them in the paragraph below.

Prototype cars 2014

Mercedes-Benz Ener-G-Force Concept is something really weird and something that probably isn’t going to get on the market even in a billion years. Things like BMW i8 Concept Roadster is something that you don’t see every day and BMW i3 Concept Coupe looks like something Volkswagen would make. Hyundai Veloster C3 Roll Top Concept is a version that eventually might happen but who can be certain with these kinds of things. New cars 2014 are certainly going to be exciting for everyone who is interested in cars 2014.



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